May 21, 2006 17:16 ET

New Medical Website Allows Patients to Order Blood Tests Online

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 21, 2006 -- Physician owned and operated MedLabUSA, LLC announced 5/16/06 that it now has a website ( that gives people the opportunity to directly order their own laboratory testing online without a prescription, at large discounts.

Patients purchase whichever laboratory test they want online with a credit card. An email then directs them to the nearest collection center based on their zip code (hundreds of collection centers are available nationwide). When the results are completed, another email lets the patient know that they can now log back on the website (using a secure username and password they chose when they purchased the test) and view/print the results. The entire process takes just a few days.

This service is ideal for those without health insurance, those with high deductibles, self-employed patients, or simply those that want to remain relatively anonymous. It is also ideal for those that have recurrent testing done each year (i.e. Cholesterol levels, Wellness Panels).

MedLab feels that the American Public wants more control of their own healthcare, and this is a step in that direction. "Preventative testing is the way medicine is going. Some HMOs do not cover preventative testing. They only authorize tests once symptoms begin. This can delay diagnosis and treatment," stated MedLab President Rich Barnes M.D. In addition to wellness (preventative) testing, MedLab offers cancer screens, prenatal labs, cardiac and cholesterol profiles, men's health profiles, women's health profiles, STD profiles including HIV, allergy testing, drug testing, and more.

"It is not our intention to replace primary care physicians," continued Barnes. "We clearly state that abnormal results must be followed up with your physician. This service, however, offers those that may never visit a doctor an opportunity to obtain some valuable information about their own healthcare."

MedLab's Toxicology Division also implements employee drug testing programs for businesses of all sizes, as well as schools and universities, at a national level. More information on the drug testing division can be obtained at

For more information, log on to, or call toll-free 888-435-2839.

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