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July 06, 2015 11:00 ET

New Mexico Health Connections Members First in U.S. to Gain Full Access to and Control of Their Health Information With iChip

iChip Connects NMHC Members With Their Health Information When They Need It Most

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - July 06, 2015) - LifeNexus, creator of the mobile solution iChip®, announced today that New Mexico Health Connections (NMHC), a non-profit, consumer-operated and -oriented health plan or CO-OP, will roll out the cloud-based, mobile-enabled iChip to give all its members access to and control of their health information.

"As a mission-driven CO-OP, our members are our priority; and we believe in keeping them well by helping them proactively manage their health. iChip directly supports this aim by giving our members the ability to access, share, link and update their personalized health information and health progress anytime, anywhere," said NMHC CEO Martin Hickey, MD. "This includes medications, medical history, care reminders and more -- for themselves and their families."

For LifeNexus, creating a better healthcare experience means ensuring consumers have their health information when and where they need it. To this end, LifeNexus developed iChip, a mobile solution that leverages health plan data, analytics and programs, and delivers it to consumers as an individually controlled health information profile accessible from any individual's device -- smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The dynamically updated profile gives each consumer convenient access to his or her most up-to-date health information. Additionally, consumers can share that information with their providers using an innovative iChip check-in feature available on their phones.

LifeNexus is committed to safeguarding member personal information online and on mobile devices. iChip runs on a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform utilizing the most advanced cloud technology and information security. iChip mobile applications are protected by advanced encryption technology and operate under a comprehensive information security policy and program designed to protect the security and privacy of members' personal health information. Additionally, members have the ability to control the sharing of their information and the level of access granted to others. This includes the ability to confidentially share records directly with providers by entering their private four-digit security code each time they arrive for care.

iChip creates millions of new opportunities, at the point of care and beyond, to securely support consumers when they need their health information most. When they arrive for care, consumers can use iChip to more fully tell their health story, creating new opportunities to identify and address medical concerns and gaps in care with their providers.

For providers, iChip enhances each visit with additional, relevant patient information. By pushing critical information forward when the member arrives, iChip also significantly streamlines administrative functions in the provider's office, saving providers and their staff valuable time.

In their everyday lives, consumers can also access and use vital details such as care reminders, medications, allergies and pertinent health information to enhance care between visits. With iChip, NMHC will not only make healthcare easier and more convenient for their members and their dependents; it will also empower them to better manage their health.

"As patients, we recognized that the absence of critical health information at certain points throughout our healthcare journey made it more difficult for us to tell our stories to our doctors, advocate for ourselves and our loved ones and create the types of relationships we wanted with our doctors and caregivers," said David R. Strand, CEO of LifeNexus. "Our primary goal in creating iChip was to empower all of us in those most vulnerable moments to use our health information to have the best healthcare experiences possible. We are very pleased to partner with NMHC to deliver that kind of power to their members."

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