March 22, 2011 12:03 ET

New Mobile App Speedbump Brings Parents and Teens Together to Combat Speeding and Distracted Driving

WirelessESP Launches Speedbump at CTIA Mobile Conference's Innovation Showcase

ORLANDO, FL and BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) - Answering the call for a solution to address the high injury and fatality rate of young drivers, WirelessESP today launched Speedbump, a mobile phone application that takes a new approach to bringing parents and teens together to encourage safer driving.

Developed by a teen to ensure teen driving safety while protecting their privacy and independence, Speedbump is the world's first mobile phone app that allows families to set and detect realistic speed limits on all roads -- residential, secondary and highway roads -- unlike other driving safety solutions based solely on posted speed limits. Speedbump issues instantaneous alerts to parents, not only when the teen is driving, but also when they are a passenger in an unsafe driving situation.

College student Jon Fischer developed Speedbump following the speed-related death of a teenager on a secondary road in his hometown. It is the only product that can be customized to accommodate secondary roads -- where most teen driving accidents occur, a fact Fischer uncovered in his studies of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) research. 

Unlike other solutions, Speedbump takes into consideration a teen's privacy and independence, without sacrificing safety. Parents only receive alerts when the rules are broken. This feature encourages a healthy dialogue between parents and teens.

Speedbump is launching this week at the CTIA WIRELESS® show, where it was one of a handful of mobile technologies spotlighted in the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley's Innovation Showcase, Booth# 4290.

Speed-related driving accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in America, with more than 4000 fatalities reported in 2009, according to the latest federal government data. In addition, the more than 350,000 teen driving related injury claims each year cost insurance companies $26 billion. With 90 percent of the more than 18 million teen drivers owning or using cell phones, WirelessESP saw the opportunity to put mobile technology to work to address the problem of speeding and distracted driving among teens.

"We knew that to be effective in combating the problems around teen driving, we needed to take a different approach -- one that doesn't just give parents peace of mind but that also protects the privacy and independence of teen drivers," said Jon Fischer. "And that's what Speedbump does -- with innovative technology that encourages a dialogue among parents and kids."

"As someone who has worked in the mobile industry for years, I recognized that while Speedbump will make a difference in the lives of teens and parents, it also provides a unique opportunity for carriers and device manufacturers, enabling them to provide a valuable and important service to customers," said Dick Fischer, CEO of WirelessESP. "Speedbump leverages the power of mobile technology to improve teen driving."

WirelessESP is working with major carriers, device manufacturers, insurers, government and law enforcement agencies, school organizations, parent groups and others focused on reducing driving fatalities and serious injuries -- particularly among teens -- to make Speedbump available to more families.

The Speedbump application -- which can be downloaded today from the company's website ( -- is available now for Android phones and will be offered for other platforms in the future. Pricing starts at just $9.99 per month.

About WirelessESP

WirelessESP harnesses the power of mobile technology to combat speeding and distracted driving by providing real-time feedback on driving performance. The company's premier product, Speedbump, is a mobile phone application that provides parents with a better sense of how their teenagers are driving. Unlike other driving safety solutions, the Speedbump application -- easily downloaded onto a teen's mobile phone -- provides parents with instant alerts about both driving speed and driving patterns. Proprietary SpeedSmart™ technology lets users set and detect realistic speed limits on any type of road -- residential, secondary and highway. Created by a teen for teens and their parents, Speedbump encourages a dialogue among family members, protecting teen privacy while providing the parents with peace of mind. The Speedbump application -- which can be downloaded today from the company's website ( -- is available now for Android phones and will be offered for other platforms in the future.

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