December 09, 2014 12:00 ET

New Mobile Social Platform KTplay Earns 60 Million Installs in China in 4 Months, Draws 5.2M Peak Daily Users in October

KTplay Releases User Metrics Showing Significant Increases in Virality, Retention, Engagement and Revenue From Chinese Players of 50+ Games

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BEIJING, CHINA--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2014) - KTplay, a new social mobile platform company, today announced massive growth of its all-in-one in-game social gaming and live ops platform for mobile games, which is already integrated into 50+ titles, with 700+ additional developers expected to launch games in the next few quarters. Developers using KTplay (currently in beta) began integrating the service into their games in June, with the first KTplay-powered titles launching in Chinese app stores this July. As of November 1st, it's been included in about 60 million game downloads, and now counts 4 million daily active users (or DAU) in the China market in October, peaking at 5.2 million DAU during China's Golden Week holiday.

Originally launched by Yodo1 as "Kryptanium" at GDC 2013, KTplay has become a joint venture development by Yodo1 and Alibaba Group this year, with more resources and support to further expand the platform. 

KTplay is developing its SDK as a free and open mobile platform with an in-game social graph -- the first and only of its kind in China. Third-party mobile developers can customize and seamlessly integrate KTplay directly into their games, transforming single player games into a rich social gaming experience. The SDK creates an in-game social network with tightly integrated player communities, leaderboards, and social gifting that enhance a game's social experience. As a "live ops" platform, developers can also run live events, grant player rewards, and message them in near real time. Messaging tools and dynamic deep-linking further drive players directly to new content including promotions, new games, or specific virtual item purchases.

"Many companies on the market develop disconnected plug-ins such as leaderboards, push notifications, and cross-promotion tools, but we see an opportunity to integrate these features into a single, cohesive, in-game experience," said KTplay Chief Product Officer Spencer Liu. "Now mobile developers can instantly turn their solo games into online communities -- and grow those games into sustainable and monetizable services."

Selected KTplay Beta Program Metrics

By quickly turning casual single-player games into social experiences with multiple promotion and reward features, developers in KTplay's beta program have seen impressive growth in their games' retention, engagement, and revenue numbers:

  • Increased revenue: Using KTplay's in-game notification feature, developers of the tower defense game OMG:TD! have been able to sell 600 percent more virtual items through in-app purchases, increasing overall revenue by 400 percent.

  • Increased retention: After developers of Cheat Game, a popular Chinese mobile game franchise, integrated KTplay into their third installment, overall retention increased by 25 percent without any change in game content.

  • Player engagement growth: Players of Nikki UP2U, a popular Chinese cosplay game, have become extremely active users of KTplay's in-game discussion boards, where they share fashion/character improvement tips. In the first 24 hours of launch, players created 20,000 new discussion threads; in the first 1.5 months, they created about 300K threads.

  • Direct developer-to-player engagement: Using KTplay's in-game discussion boards, developers of OMG:TD! hold regular Reddit-style "Ask Me Anything" sessions with players, planning their development roadmap around this direct player feedback.

  • Turning hardcore players into community supporters: With KTplay's in-game reward system, the developers of My Singing Monsters (a pet breeding game) were able to encourage a dozen power users to become the game's informal support team, creating hundreds of detailed discussion threads to help fellow players improve their performance -- while saving the studio countless labor hours.

"Over the past two years, many of our game studio partners have asked to use our social/live ops platform," said Henry Fong, Founder and CEO of Yodo1. "By partnering with Alibaba, we're now able to turn KTplay into a truly open platform that's free to use -- not just for our partners, but eventually, for all game developers."

About KTplay
KTplay is an open, all-in-one social game platform that is free for use by all mobile game developers. A joint venture between Yodo1 and Alibaba Group, KTplay is now in its beta with more than 800 developers already signed on, and 50+ games launched during the first four months. KTplay currently has a dedicated staff of 80 and is headquartered in Beijing.

About Yodo1
Yodo1 is a leading publishing platform which helps mobile game developers gain traction and monetize globally and in China, where it's among the top 5 mobile game publishers to the Chinese market. With hundreds of experienced engineers, creative artists, game designers, and global market experts in multiple offices, Yodo1 has co-developed dozens of hit games with top partners including ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope 2), Defiant Development (Ski Safari), and Hipster Whale (current chart-topper Crossy Road). Yodo1 is based in Beijing with a presence in San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Nanjing. For more information, please visit and follow Yodo1 on Twitter at

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