September 19, 2013 08:00 ET

New Mohu Curve Combines Beautiful Design With the Latest HDTV Antenna Technology

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) -  Say farewell to ugly TV antennas. Mohu, maker of the #1 consumer-rated HDTV antenna, today announced the launch of Curve 30 and Curve 50, a new class of indoor HDTV antennas that combines elegant industrial design with exceptional performance.

When it comes to receiving free over-the-air broadcast TV, consumers often imagine the clunky, outdated "rabbit ears" from their parents' generation. Mohu engineers are helping to ignite a new generation of antenna design that brings a touch of sophistication to any home or apartment. Curve's clean and graceful arched profile is ideal for consumers who want access to free HDTV, but also desire an ultra-modern contemporary look. Curve is at home whether it's placed on a shelf, a TV stand or an entertainment center.

"Mohu pioneered the shift in antenna design and reception when we launched the world's first revolutionary paper-thin Leaf antenna back in 2011. Our Curve HDTV antenna takes this form factor a striking step forward," said Mark Buff, co-founder and president of Mohu. "Curve brings a fresh new look to indoor antennas while delivering the same great top performance as our other Mohu products. We believe there's no reason why an antenna in your living room shouldn't be both functional and beautiful."

Made to be a simple plug-in-and-go experience, Curve provides consumers with free access to over-the-air TV broadcast channels in full 1080 HDTV. The antenna is currently available in two versions. Curve 30 is intended for urban dwellers or consumers who live in closer proximity to a broadcast tower -- within 30 miles. The new Curve 50 is ideal for users in more remote locations -- up to 50 miles from a tower.

Consumers interested in getting free broadcast TV can use the Mohu TV-For-Free web tool ( to discover what free channels may be available in their area, and select the right antenna that best fits their wants, needs and budget.

Curve 30 and 50 are available for purchase online at

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