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August 12, 2008 10:16 ET

New Music Discovery Site Helps Artists Find New Fans

Latin American Artists Are Encouraged to Add Their Songs to the System

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - A new music discovery website launching in Nashville helps artists find new fans by systematically recommending their songs to the right listeners.

"Songness ( is an entertainment site with a serious research purpose," says Bill Ahlhauser, Songness' Executive Vice President, and one of the site's designers. It works by creating and matching profiles of registered songs with those of users. The profiles are based on ratings, individual demographics and other timely information.

"Songness compares individuals with groups of users that appear to influence their music choices," added Ahlhauser. Songness recommendations are highly individualized because the system learns through interaction and makes frequent updates.

"The Songness model also allows fans to get better recommendations across genres," he says.

"Songness systematically introduces new fans to artists they don't already know," Ahlhauser explains. "That's the strength of the system and what sets it apart from others."

Songness gives artists reliable feedback on the composition and size of the audience for their songs. Artists get a free audience report for each rated song.

"The new service is available to Latin American artists who wish to expand their international following," he says. The basic Songness service is free to both artists and fans.

These are some key features of Songness:

--  Every new song gets rated by up to 200 registered fans
--  Fans who rate new songs get a free download of the song
--  Fans can listen to the songs they like in full up to 10 times
--  Fans can share their recommendations with friends
--  Fans can buy the songs they like on Songness; artists get a larger
    share of revenue

While fans can preview the songs they like, they are also urged to buy the music they listen to on the site. "We give fans time to get used to new artists before buying the songs, but the principle is that if you like the music you should buy it," Ahlhauser says.

Songness will open to the public in September. But it's currently open for artists to upload tracks or albums.

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