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December 13, 2013 05:00 ET

New NFL-Team Ad Network Targets Video Ads by Exact Age and Gender

Female NFL Fans Reach 45%, Gender Ad Targeting Becomes Critical

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 13, 2013) - DeskSite, a next-generation media company, today announced the release of a new advertising network with targeting capabilities never before achieved -- giving TV advertisers a powerful alternative to broadcast television and ad-supported cable.

Founded by leaders from advertising, sports, film, television and the Internet, DeskSite is rolling out under the guidance of Hollywood trailblazer Sid Ganis, director Peter Farrelly, sports uber-agent Leigh Steinberg, commercial legend Joe Pytka, digital media evangelist Mark Handler, and entrepreneur Richard Gillam.

DeskSite has built a "big screen" app network, designed for desktops, laptops, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, and Blu-ray players, while being intentionally disabled for smartphones. These apps provide an HD-quality video experience with a level of personalization that revolutionizes the way marketers connect with consumers. Creating a new kind of sports entertainment network, DeskSite has partnered with many of the NFL's most popular teams in order to deliver hours upon hours of highly-produced, exclusive, team-specific HD video content every day.

With data revealing that women now hold a 45-percent share of the estimated 180 million NFL viewing audience, DeskSite allows female-centric brands -- for the first time in broadcast history -- to serve video ads targeted at women inside NFL-team video programming.

"This new technology offers a breakthrough video experience that will transform the video advertising landscape by exponentially increasing the otherwise falling ROI of television advertising," said Richard Gillam, CEO of DeskSite. "Never before have brands had this level of precision targeting, online or off."

"Unlike TV or website advertising, DeskSite enables an even more personal and almost private network for brands to engage with fans. Just as consumers have taken control of the way they find and consume content, DeskSite's technology provides brand advertisers with new kinds of control, reach, and the ability to hyper target the right audience."
-- Tom Flanagan, EVP Entertainment, Leo Burnett

"The recent decomposition of mainstream media, along with its legacy distribution channels, has yet to show its full impact. By employing an app-based network, we are forming a new paradigm which will exponentially increase both the relevance and convenience of the video entertainment experience."
-- Peter Farrelly, award-winning movie director, writer, producer, and author

DeskSite's system assigns each video player a unique identifier that is associated with an anonymous demographic profile. Marketers can explicitly target video ads by exact age and gender, while precisely controlling both reach and frequency -- which is currently impossible to do through a website, such as Hulu or YouTube.

"Cookie blocking, cookie deletion, 'do not track' browser settings and new privacy laws are crippling the ability of marketers to effectively target online video ads, much less control reach or frequency," continued Gillam. "A DeskSite's opt-in requirement lets us know who our viewers are from the start -- bringing both fans and brands a winning solution with broadcast-quality programming."

DeskSite's "Big Screen" app network currently serves NFL fans in seven of the top ten U.S. television markets. Content partners include the reigning Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, et al. DeskSite expects to add a significant number of additional NFL teams to its network in 2014. During the regular season, each participating NFL team provides 20 to 50 hours per month of HD video, much of which is either chronologically or platform exclusive.

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