SOURCE: Author Travis Adams Irish

December 03, 2013 11:00 ET

New Novel Takes on the Issue of Gun Control in America

A New Release From Travis Adams Irish Titled She Is Risen, Explores the Dark Underpinnings of Gun Control Using Real Psychological Factors; the Book Also Emerges as Groundwork for Abuses of Power, and What Really Triggers Violent Behavior

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - Anyone who is looking for a realistic interpretation of the gun control debate should be able to appreciate the new novel She Is Risen by Travis Adams Irish. A complimentary Kindle edition is offered to the media from 12/03/13 to 12/05/13. The book features a wide range of characters hailing from various parts of the American landscape. Its core telling encompasses a CIA gun control study that is being used as leverage to institute a program to prevent crimes involving firearms. The premise is based around the idea that if a certain politician can provide the right data, his constituents will award him the power to create an invasive means to screen all Americans as potential threats to their community.

During his writing process, the author went to the core of humanity, trying to ascertain what it would take to break someone down to the point where they would commit crimes of passion. This is the main basis of intrigue for the story, and while the novel is extremely volatile, it makes a strong case for the theory that only mentally disturbed people are capable of random crimes of barbarism.

"My strategy for studying gun violence was to remove the emotional factors," said author Travis Adams Irish. "By studying a different type of violence that is well-documented, involving car crashes, I was able to draw some fair conclusions." Without spoiling the plot, showing the case study findings in the novel gives a vivid look inside what creates an opportunity for gun violence.

It seems that the core debate on this type of violence has more to do with whether good people would be likely to commit crimes with firearms in their possession. Within the parameters of this story, the characters are pushed to the threshold of their emotional pain by the CIA to determine when they will resort to extreme behavior. The conclusion is not shocking that good people will only use firearms in the event of their life being threatened, and it takes a great deal of pressure to make a wholesome person snap.

This brings back the analogy of a motor vehicle used as a weapon. Similar to guns, looking at violent acts committed by drivers, and discovering the psychological makeup of those offenders, paints a clear portrait for the debate over The Second Amendment.

During his own tests to determine if he could create a situation where his characters would commit crimes of passion, the author was unable to justify a good person going on a rampage to solve their problems. "The challenge as a writer is to find the proper motivation for your characters to commit certain acts," said Travis Adams Irish, "and in this story, I simply couldn't find the right mixture of emotional triggers to justify my characters going on a random shooting spree -- it's just not something a good person of sound mind would do."

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