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July 19, 2007 08:54 ET

New OCEAN BLUE™ Marine Origin Dietary Supplements Offer Most Choices for Omega-3 Fatty Acids; New Brand Features Unique, Accurate Labeling

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - 70th Natural MarketPlace (Booth #536) -- OCEAN BLUE™ ( is the newest brand of dietary supplements produced solely from marine origin, providing a rich source of several Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA, in a variety of concentrations and in combination with other important nutritional components.

According to Fred D. Sancilio, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientist of Sancilio & Company, Inc. (, owners of the OCEAN BLUE brand, "Our new line of dietary supplements is unique because each product is carefully controlled and designed for optimal health and wellness, including heart and brain functions, immune system, joint and skin health."

"Every bottle is uniquely and completely labeled according to content rather then a standard label, and production of every supplement features the most stringent and demanding controls in the industry," Dr. Sancilio said.

"For the first time, the consumer of marine origin dietary supplements can know exactly what is in the bottle. We are treating these very important substances with the same care given to approved pharmaceutical products," he stated.

The entire OCEAN BLUE line is being launched at the Natural MarketPlace, backed by an aggressive direct sales and national marketing campaign to the retail distribution industry. Professionally designed packaging and labeling differentiating OCEAN BLUE elements and benefits from other popular brands is now available directly from Sancilio & Company.

Are all Omega Fatty Acids the same? Here's why the answer is definitely NO!

Sancilio & Company, Inc. has its roots in the development of hundreds of FDA-approved pharmaceutical products over a 25-year span, led by Dr. Sancilio as CEO. He is very familiar with modern medical applications of pharmaceutical technology and led a research program that studied the origins and mechanisms of inflammation. Since 2002, Dr. Sancilio has continued his research in pain and pain management, leading to development of Omega-3 products and analogs.

Dr. Sancilio explains that "in order to understand pain, one must first understand inflammation and thus the immune system. My first commercial product, azathioprine, was a prescription medicine given to transplant patients to tone down the immune system and avoid rejection of the recently transplanted kidneys. What we found was that when you administer an immune modulator, other painful ailments subside. Many of our modern diseases can be traced back to a 'run-a-way' immune response. Hence diseases such as Crohn's, arthritis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, coronary artery disease and many others are related to an over-active inflammatory response."

"Our Western diet is heavily weighted with Omega-6 fatty acids," he continued. "That's because we Americans tend to eat a lot of meats and vegetable-based oils (most contain Omega-6s). We eat a relatively small amount of Omega-3 (marine-based fatty acids) and we are out of balance. Our bodies use the Omega fatty acids, among other things, to produce both 'good' and 'bad' prostaglandins. Bad prostaglandins create bad things for the body including inflammation (pain), clotting, and unstable plaque. On the other hand, good prostaglandins produced from marine origin Omega-3s produce the anti-inflammation prostaglandins, anticoagulants and stabilize plaque. When our bodies have both, they tend to balance each other; however, our Western diets get plenty of Omega-6 but little (10X less) Omega-3s, and thus we can predict a rise in chronic inflammation may be the result."

"Modern medicine fights inflammation by blocking enzymes that convert the Omega-6s to inflammatory agents of the body. I studied this process for years. The Omega-3s do much the same thing as the Non-Steriodal Anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS), in that they compete with the Omega-6 process and starve the route to inflammation and build up anti-inflammatory agents instead!" concluded Dr. Sancilio.

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SCI was founded in 2004 by Dr. Frederick D. Sancilio and a small team of professionals from aaiPharma, Inc. Dr. Sancilio founded aaiPharma (as Applied Analytical Industries, Inc.) in 1979 and built this pharmaceutical research company to one of the largest pharmaceutical laboratories in the world. By the late '90s, the company he founded had developed facilities and procedures enabling the complete development and manufacturing of sophisticated drug products. He led stability-related projects for nearly every major drug company in the United States and Western Europe, won an NCI contract to provide support for oral solid dosage form development, and became an expert reviewer of data for many European and American drug companies.

SCI and its team of scientists, formulators and professionals have established a boutique pharmaceutical analytical laboratory to support high quality drug development, targeted toward both standard and high potency pharmaceutical products. The current laboratories and support facilities are located at 3874 Fiscal Court, Suite 200 in Riviera Beach, Florida 33404, tel: 561-847-2302.

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