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August 18, 2015 09:40 ET

New OneNET network alliance passes savings for telco services to Canadian customers

Consumers and SMEs to receive annual cash back on internet, TV, VoIP phone lines and mobile phone service

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 18, 2015) - Vancouver-based teliPhone Navigata-Westel Communications Inc. ('TNW') announced today that it is enhancing its Canadian network from coast to coast and is launching an innovative telecommunications initiative which will allow Canadians to receive an annual cash rebate equivalent to one month's telecommunications service for each year of service.

Canada OneNET is a Canadian network alliance which will provide wider access to telecommunications services at more affordable rates. The annual cash rebate will cover all of a customer's new monthly recurring services such as home and business VoIP phone lines, Internet and IPTV (Internet television) and iPCS mobile phone service from service providers that are part of Canada OneNET.

Over the years since its origin as BC Rail Telecom in 1957, the company has acquired several networks and evolved into TNW, a well-established telecommunications network across Canada. It is one of the largest independent facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) in the country and has multiple mutual colocation facilities with other CLECs and the Incumbent Carriers. TNW's national network makes it well positioned to spearhead this initiative and become the backbone of the new alliance.

Bruce Cran, President of the Consumers' Association of Canada says: "Canadians pay among the highest prices in the world for telecommunications services. We welcome affordability and increasing competition in the telecommunications industry, and the steps teliPhone Navigata-Westel is taking will be welcomed by consumers."

TNW's goal by creating Canada OneNET is to reduce the overall dependence by the competitive carriers and independent operators on Canadian Incumbents Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) by creating a robust and efficient alternative telecommunications national network. Telecom service providers that become part of Canada OneNET will be able to seamlessly transit their voice and data traffic over the OneNET "network of networks".

The alliance will allow other independent telecommunications companies to share their resources and allow them to collectively combine their networks, thereby enabling them to achieve significant economies of scale which would be impossible on their own. Businesses and consumers will benefit greatly as a large portion of the savings are passed on to them and as the geographical availability of affordable telecommunications becomes wider in Canada.

After each 12 months of service, consumers and small & medium size enterprises that have one or more telecommunication services on a network that is part of Canada OneNET, will be able to apply online to receive a cash rebate equal of one month of service. This initiative is made possible because encouraging customers to use a common network allows service providers to achieve significant savings on key costs such as equipment, power, Internet Protocol transit, network and wireless spectrum.

Sandeep Panesar, TNW Chief Executive Officer says: "We recognize the power of collaborative networks that customers can benefit from. The result is that we will save money and we will share these savings with our customers. We believe this is the tipping point which will provide Canadians with truly affordable and more widely available telecom services."

The creation of Canada OneNET follows TNW's recent announcement of the launch of its iPCS mobile service. Through teliPhone Mobile, the company's mobile service division, the company will offer leading mobile services and will be the most affordable wireless communication service in Canada at $10 a month. TeliPhone Mobile will be part Canada OneNET and its customers will be eligible for the annual rebate.

To learn more about Canada OneNET and apply for the rebate, consumers and businesses should visit the Canada OneNET website at

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From its origin in 1957 as BC Rail Telecom, to its evolution into teliPhone Navigata-Westel, TNW is now one of the largest independent facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) in Canada. The company owns and operates 5 Data Centres in Canada and a national network that has been designed to offer data center clients unsurpassed access, reliability and cost-effectiveness. TNW has 131 Points of Presence, a national network which includes a wireless backhaul network, a trans-Canada SONET fibre optic network and multiple CLEC/ILEC Central Office facilities providing voice, data, broadband Internet, IT support, cloud computing, co-location and IPTV services to its carrier, business, government and residential customers in Canada and the US. TNW also operates a US network and its voice and IPTV services are available in 47 countries. TNW recently announced the introduction of its patent pending iPCS™ mobile technology and teliPhone Mobile service.

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