June 02, 2005 18:08 ET

New Orleans Hornets Basketball Team Uses ReadSoft's FORMS to Quicken Their Data Collection Processes

The New Orleans Hornets Have Implemented ReadSoft Technology to Improve Their Game Off the Court - and Increase Customer Service

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 2, 2005 -- The research department of the Hornets is now using ReadSoft's FORMS to process data collected from enter-to-win contests. Contact information is collected and automatically saved into their database from thousands of documents a year. The Hornets are also using SPSS statistical software to analyze the data. Using the new ReadSoft technology in addition to SPSS allows them to decrease the time it typically takes to process this information, thus allowing better service to those who filled out the contest cards.

The Hornets had been using a competitive technology to process these documents, which come in by hand when collected at basketball games and others from the mail. The competitive technology never worked properly according to the Hornets and constantly needed updating. When the Hornets research manager went to the SPSS user conference in Las Vegas in 2004, they learned of ReadSoft and about the partnership and integration with SPSS.

"The main reason we chose to go with ReadSoft was because of their relationship with SPSS, which indicated to us that it was a reliable product," said Scott Brenneman, Research Director of the New Orleans Hornets. "The fact that ReadSoft was a local company also scored points with us."

"When organizations like the New Orleans Hornets use ReadSoft and SPSS technology together, the data collection and analysis process becomes an incredibly easy, efficient and useful process," said Bob Fresneda, President of ReadSoft North America. "We are eager to show the Hornets how to increase business efficiency here in the same city of our corporate headquarters."

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