December 19, 2012 09:00 ET

New Orleans is Well Prepared to Host its Tenth Super Bowl Next January

New Orleans has been undergoing extensive construction to prepare itself for the Super Bowl in 2013, which coincides with the Mardi Gras season. Despite the size of the projects, the citywide makeover is coming to a close on time. As the city prepares itself to host the biggest Super Bowl it has seen yet, projects are expected to wrap up by the January 15 deadline. Additional venues and activities have been planned, exciting residents and tourists alike for the upcoming Super Bowl.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA--(Marketwire - Dec. 19, 2012) - All eyes will be on New Orleans next year, and the city knows it. With 2013's Super Bowl XLVII coinciding with New Orleans' Mardi Gras season, the city has been undergoing extensive projects to prepare for increased traffic, tourists, and media attention.

While some are saying that Super Bowl and Carnival celebrations will start as soon as football fans land in New Orleans, others are saying excitement is already on the rise for football fans still in other cities and states. Super Bowl fan sites such as are emerging, preparing fans before they even get to Louisiana.

New Orleans is getting ready to put on its best face, which has included the building of new infrastructure, undergoing renovations, and doing landscaping. Construction at the airport is preparing the city for the influx of visitors, and changes to roads and traffic plans, while a hassle for residents during the construction process, is sure to make things run smoothly during the busy events next year.

Additional projects the city has been working on include a new Loyola streetcar, which is planned to run through the city's Central Business District to Canal Street. This project, which was given a $45 million Federal Transportation grant, is already 80 percent finished and well on its way to being complete in time for the Super Bowl. New Orleans is also in the process of extending the "park and ride" system that is currently in place by better managing the space and increasing security. All projects are on their way to being complete by the January 15 deadline and well before the start of the Super Bowl.

All of these preparations are exciting the people of New Orleans. Not only is the city getting ready to host their tenth Super Bowl, tying them with Miami as the city to host the most Super Bowls, but it is also going to be considerably bigger than the last Super Bowl hosted by the city in 2002. While 86.6 million people watched the Super Bowl hosted by New Orleans in 2002, more than 111.3 million are expected to watch this season, which is a 28 percent increase.

As a result, New Orleans is ready to make the event bigger and better, combining it with a Mardi Gras celebratory feel. The North Causeway is undergoing a $1.4 million decorative lighting project, the 36-foot high roman numerals to be set up on Super Bowl Boulevard will put on a sound and light show, and the NFL Tailgate Party is designed to hold close to 10,000 people.

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