March 13, 2009 10:16 ET

New Paint Trends and Tips From RONA: Dream, Love and Live

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 13, 2009) - RONA (TSX:RON), the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation and gardening supplies, is helping consumers beautify their interiors in time for spring with new colour concepts and useful tips for successful paint projects.

Reflecting today's hottest trends, three colour schemes have been developed by RONA and their expert colour specialists based on 'RONA by design' styles: Oasis, Global Village and Spirit. The colour groupings help consumers easily match their wall colours with their furniture, fabric and accessories for a stylish, modern decor that can meet diverse tastes and preferences. RONA has also developed a user-friendly online tool, "Colour it", that takes the fuss out of selecting the right colour combination for any room, available at

Dream: Oasis style

The Oasis style is a design direction that favours elegant forms and rich material in a choice of soft and muted colours. Paint colours for this style reflect a romantic inclination, full of nuanced charm and refined ashen tones. They include silver grays (RONA Collection "Sheep", "Citadel" and "November" shades); muted greens and yellows (RONA Collection "Savanna", "Reflexion" and "Silk kimono"); soft pinks and a touch of lavender (RONA Collection "Colette", "Biscotti" and "Tapestry"); and a splash of cream to tie it all together (RONA Collection "Cloud nine", "Wedding gown" and "Belgium lace"). These shades would be well complemented with sparkling pendant lights, delicate embroidery decor accents, floral prints and clear glass accessories.

Love: Global Village style

The Global Village style is a decor where exotic influences get mixed with contemporary decorative currents to create a natural style. In this style, the animal, mineral and vegetable worlds collide in one room. Travels to faraway lands are evoked, soothing the senses. Shades include dazzling copper and sensuous saffron (RONA Collection "18 carats", "English toffee" and "Buffalo"); muted olive (RONA Collection "Mansion" and "Leather jacket") and a hint of aubergine (RONA Collection "Vintage"). Accents of natural fibre or mosaic patterns, pewter accessories and multicoloured stripes would be a perfect addition to these warm colours and wood tones.

Live: Spirit style

Finally, the Spirit style is a home of modern simple lines articulated around primary colours and basic white, black and grey. Paint shades for this style are alive with contrast and include a bright yellow (RONA Collection "Dandelion"); cooler greens (RONA Collection "Lorelei", "Dandelion greens" and "Foggy marsh"); charcoal (RONA Collection "Charcoal" or "Husky"); bubble gum (RONA Collection "Rosarita", "Heart-to-heart" and "Tropical sunset"); brought together in a wave of white (RONA Collection "Whipped cream", "Silver moon" and "Sailboat"). Decor elements of chrome, glass and mirrors are a perfect complement to these bright shades, and so are colourful sixties patterns and patterned woods, adding depth and drama. Clean lines and comfortable curves should define the furniture in Spirit style-inspired rooms.

Tips for successful paint projects

Consumers can also follow the guidelines below to achieve beautiful results when taking on paint projects for any room inside their home.

- Before choosing paint colours, you should first select accessories, draping and furniture. You can then visualize and experiment with possible colour combinations that will match your decor by using "Colour it!", RONA's interactive design tool.

- To select the best paint finish, keep in mind that matte hides imperfections but is not as easily washable as glossier finish. Semi-gloss is best for hallways, windows and frames while matte should be used on ceilings.

- To remix old paint, attach a kitchen whisk or a beater to your drill. The job will be done in no time. Leftover paint can be brought back to a RONA store to be recycled.

- The ceiling should be the first surface you paint, and make sure the floor is protected. Dark colours should be applied to walls next; and lighter colours last. Imperfections can be touched up at the end.

- Knots in finished wood will reappear sooner or later. Before painting, it is best to seal the knots with a lacquer.

- To fill small nail holes in walls, mix flour with a little paint, matching the wall colour. With a putty knife or a spatula, fill the holes in the same way you would when using joint compound; then wipe off the excess.

- To apply latex paint, use a brush with synthetic or polyester bristles: it will last longer and bristles will remain straight. Natural or synthetic bristles are best for oil-based paints. Superior quality, natural silk bristles are recommended for varnishes.

- To prevent paint rollers from losing their fibres and having them stick to walls while painting, roll them on masking tape before painting. This sticky surface will trap loose fibres.

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