SOURCE: Zettaset, Inc

Zettaset, Inc

June 25, 2015 06:00 ET

New Patented Technology From Zettaset Transforms Big Data Storage Optimization and Performance

DiamondLane™ Technology Intelligently Assigns Data to Distributed Storage Media, Optimizes Application Performance, User Experience, and Storage TCO in Hadoop & NoSQL Environments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2015) - Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a new patent for "distributed storage medium management for heterogeneous storage media in high availability clusters"; patent number 9,063,939-B2, issued on June 23, 2015.

This transformational technology, called DiamondLane™, prioritizes and optimizes access to data in distributed clusters based on user access behavior and patterns, and assigns data to higher- or lower-access rate storage across nodes and racks in the cluster, depending on the access patterns. Data center admins can now customize access to specific data files or applications, and optimize performance for "high priority" users and business-critical applications.

Zettaset DiamondLane assigns data with a "temperature indicator" based on how often it is accessed. More frequently accessed data, i.e. "hot data", can be assigned to higher-access-rate storage media like RAM and SSD. For end users accessing hot data, the technology has the effect of speeding up access to data and reducing latency. Conversely, data that is accessed very infrequently can be assigned a "cold data" temperature rating, and directed to less-costly, lower-access-rate storage such as regular HDD. 

This process, sometimes referred to as "dynamic data tiering", has been optimized for Hadoop and NoSQL environments and taken to an entirely new level of sophistication with Zettaset's patented DiamondLane technology. The storage allocation and distribution of tiered data can be configured by DiamondLane as follows:

  • Hot - RAM backed by SSD
  • Warm - SSD
  • Normal - Hybrid SSD/High-RPM HDD
  • Cold - Regular HDD

Zettaset DiamondLane identifies information in one or more files by access patterns and uses proprietary protocols and algorithms to distribute and re-distribute those files to higher- or lower-access-rate-storage, across nodes and racks in a Hadoop cluster, depending on access patterns. As access patterns change, data is dynamically re-balanced and re-distributed to storage types with appropriate access rates. Access patterns and distribution/balancing algorithms consider multiple parameters, including access frequency, data volume, storage types, and storage capacity.

"Zettaset's newly-patented DiamondLane technology is a game-changer for any IT organization challenged with efficiently scaling up their Big Data environment for production deployment, while still maintaining optimal levels of security and performance," said Jim Vogt, Zettaset CEO. "DiamondLane is the only technology specifically designed to optimize data access and performance in complex, distributed computing environments like Hadoop. Now IT organizations can intelligently manage data storage TCO and provide performance-differentiated data access service levels for end-users and their business-critical applications."

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