February 15, 2011 10:47 ET

New Penny Auction Website in the USA Begins Selling Top Electronics, Gift Cards, Designer Accessories and More Launches Using the Latest in Technology for Internet Auction Websites Featuring iPads, Smart Phones, Gift Cards and More for up to 90% off Their Retail Prices

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) - just released the latest new penny auction website based in the USA. The company uses the latest in technology for Internet auction websites selling electronics, smart phones, gift cards and Apple products. Consumers will have the ability to purchase brand new items for up to 90% off their retail prices. In addition, the all new Free Roll Auctions allow the winner to get an item for free. There is also a "Daily Deal" section with a crazy new deal everyday!

Penny auction websites have become a great resource for individuals looking for great deals on iPads, TVs, gift cards, electronics and more. Internet auction sites such as have people purchase bids which are then used during the auction. With the cost increasing by only a penny or two, the final price of the product could be up to 90% off the retail price found in stores. The new penny auction website ships products from the USA.

Free Roll Auctions, a revolutionary concept pioneered and invented by BidBidSold, will be offered to those who first sign up and when bid packages are purchased. Free Roll Auctions feature free bids and the chance to obtain an item at no cost. The winner only pays for shipping and a $2 transaction fee.

"Customers seek out value, and that is what we are providing. Every one of the auctions on the website, from electronics to designer sunglasses, will be won for less than the retail value," said Sara Medalie, CEO of the new penny auction website based in the USA. "And our Free Roll Auctions are a unique feature that allows everyone to experience the excitement of the auction process, with the chance to win an item for free."

About is a penny auction website featuring the latest in electronics, gift cards, Apple products and more at fractions of the retail costs. For more information about opening an account visit

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