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February 06, 2012 13:24 ET

New Picor Cool-Power PI3106 Isolated DC-DC Converters Deliver Breakthrough Density for Industrial and Military Applications

Provides 334W/cubic in Power Density, Half the Size of Conventional Components

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2012) - APEC 2012 -- Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today unveiled its new Picor Cool-Power™ PI3106 isolated DC-DC converter, delivering 50W of output power (12V output at 4.2 Amps) in a tightly-integrated 0.87 x 0.65 x 0.265 inch, surface mount package offering unprecedented power density of 334W/cubic in. Combining isolation, voltage transformation and output regulation in a form factor less than half the size of a conventional isolated 1/16th brick and available in a wide 28V military input voltage range (16V to 50V) or narrow range 24V industrial input range (18V to 36V), the Cool-Power PI3106 is ideally suited for ultra-compact system designs where power conversion density is critical.

The Cool-Power PI3106 expands the existing Cool-Power portfolio from 48V communication applications to 24V industrial and 28V military applications.

The Cool-Power PI3106 utilizes advanced Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) architecture and control, state of the art planar magnetics, and ultra-high density Power System in Package (PSiP) packaging. The combination of these technologies enables a complete isolated DC-DC power solution within a high density encapsulated IC-like surface mount package. This high density packaging platform facilitates PCB layout optimization, offers the designer the opportunity to employ a variety of cooling techniques and protects the circuit components against mechanical and ambient factors, thus improving reliability.

The PI3106 reduces board area consumption by 50% compared to conventional designs, allowing for power conversion closer to the point-of-load, thereby enabling smaller form factors and higher efficiencies. The high switching frequency (900kHz) of the PI3106 reduces input filter and output capacitance requirements, further minimizing space and cost constraints.

"The conversion architecture, high performance silicon integration, advanced packaging and planar magnetics at the heart of our Cool-Power solution enable a true step-function improvement in power conversion density," said Robert Gendron, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Picor. "We continue to expand the Picor Cool-Power portfolio for different markets and applications. In addition, we plan to extend the offering of high density point-of-load regulators in the near future, leveraging the company's core strengths in high performance power management, silicon integration and system-level packaging."

Pricing and Availability
The PI3106 is available now and priced at $37.40 in OEM quantities for Industrial grade and $89.76 for MIL-COTs grade. For a datasheet and other technical documentation, please visit To order, contact or call 1-800-735-6200.

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