Society of Energy Professionals

Society of Energy Professionals

May 08, 2007 07:01 ET

New plan to avert future energy crisis in Ontario

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Energy Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - May 8, 2007) - A 'real world' plan designed to help Ontarians make the right decisions concerning the future of electricity will be unveiled today at a speech to the Economic Club of Toronto. Developed by the Society of Energy Professionals, representing more than 7,000 engineers, scientists, supervisors and IT professionals working in almost every facet of the energy industry, the plan "Getting it Right - A Real World Vision of Ontario's Electricity System in 2025" was a year in the making and developed by a team of scientists, engineers and IT experts who know the electricity system inside and out.

"Without a doubt, energy will be a major issue in the upcoming provincial election and on October 10, Ontarians will elect a government that will have to make far-reaching choices about the long-term nature of our electricity system," said Andrew Müller, President, Society of Energy Professionals. "The Society's 'Getting it Right' plan will help Ontarians make crucial decisions which will affect our economy and standard of living. These tough decisions need to be made now in order for us to enjoy a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the future."

When developing the plan, the Society of Energy Professionals made sure its recommendations met three key criteria: sustainability, reliability and affordability, with a core concern being the need to respect and conserve the environment. According to the Society, failing to meet any of these criteria should take a proposal off-the-table. The Society reports that what is being presented to the Economic Club today is a 'real world' plan because it is practical and because in the real world of electricity, there are certain facts that cannot be ignored or wished away.

The "Getting it Right" plan includes the following five key recommendations:

1. Formally commit to not only a conservation culture, but also an industrial structure and regulatory measures to ensure that Ontarians benefit from demand-side initiatives.

2. Meet Ontario's base-load electricity requirement through a combination of nuclear generation and renewables. Meet Ontario's peak demand through the continued, judicious use of existing coal burning facilities utilizing currently available emission control technologies along with retrofitting existing coal burning facilities to use an ever increasing amount of renewable biomass.

3. Aim to generate 50 per cent of Ontario's total electricity through renewables by 2025.

4. Protect our air and our power supply by proceeding now with the decision to refurbish and build new nuclear power capacity.

5. Act now on dramatically improved and expanded transmission to meet Ontario's growing electricity demand.

"In an nut shell, first we must stop polluting the environment, second we must have a reliable supply of power and third, the power we create must be affordable to residential, commercial, and industrial customers on an ongoing basis," says Müller.

Taken together, this means ending deadly and planet killing air pollution while still ensuring the necessary reliable and affordable energy supply Ontario will need in 2025 requires a major strategic realignment right now.

"Now is the time for Ontarians to start discussing, debating and understanding the critical choices before us," adds Müller. "After all, on October 10 the decisions we make that day will affect whether or not our children and grandchildren have enough safe and reliable electricity in 2025."

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Society of Energy Professionals
The Society of Energy Professionals represents 7,000 professional employees-engineers, scientists, middle management and information technology personnel-in Ontario's electricity sector. The Society supports the government's conservation and renewable-power goals, and the need of the public for affordable, reliable, and secure electricity. /For further information:
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