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February 24, 2016 13:32 ET

New Platform Reduces Summer Learning Loss and Boosts Subject Retention Playfully

Smart-EZE App Delivers Comprehensive Lessons, Games, and Rewards for Kids

MARIN, CA--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - Most parents barely make it through the first week of summer before hearing the words: "I'm bored, there's nothing to do." Camps, daily adventures to the beach, park or local pool can help kids stay physically active, but one company aims to keep kids' brains busy with easy-to-follow lessons that are quick, engaging, and prevent the learning from being lost over the summer months.

Educational and family lifestyle media company, FatRedCouch, releases an update to Smart-EZE, a comprehensive app delivering lessons for Math, English Grammar, and Reading for grades first through fifth (1 through 5). Based on the award winning Summer Solutions Workbooks, Smart-EZE enhances the learning experience with animated characters that encourage kids, featuring positive feedback, awards, and games for lessons completed. Additionally, parents can track progress and download new lessons to keep kids mentally active throughout the summer.

Getting started before the final school bell rings is easy; simply download Smart-EZE to your iPad, tablet, or desktop and the first subject lesson is free. Parents create a personalized profile and unlock content matched to their child's grade level. There are over 1,200 interactive questions per grade delivered through the lesson packs. Smart-EZE offers a flexible plan so up to five family members can use one account.

The first Smart-EZE lesson in each subject and grade level is FREE. Additional lessons can be purchased by individual subject or as a bundle at a savings. The App is rewards-based, providing kids with an incentive to complete each subject. Children receive trophies for completion and free game rewards for each subject like WordSearch for English, Crossword Puzzles for reading, and NumberNudge for math.

Research shows that two months of subject-focused learning is all it takes to improve specific learning skills. Simple Solutions uses Interleaved Practice when creating the lessons to effectively help reduce summer learning loss. Interleaving Practice involves working on multiple topics within a subject lesson. Numerous studies show this method to be more effective than Block Practicing (one topic practiced at a time).

"We recommend students complete a lesson three times per week to keep subjects varied and ensure long-term retention and readiness for the fall school year," says Simple Solutions creator Nancy McGraw, a master teacher with more than 20 years of experience in a wide variety of subject areas at many grade levels. "FatRedCouch creatively delivers our academic content in a fun and lively way so kids are entertained in every subject, and parents have an intuitive platform to track and monitor performance." 

FatRedCouch continues to innovate children's programs and products through its proprietary technologies and unique partnerships with experts and innovators in education, entertainment, science, and physical goods. By delivering storylines through multiple immersive channels, the company aims to positively support the emotional and intellectual development of children throughout the US and beyond. To learn more about the company and its products, please visit FatRedCouch.

"The Smart-EZE app puts the choice and control in the child's hands which is empowering, yet we incorporated easy monitoring tools for parents so everyone is in-the-know but kids feel independent," says Nicole Lundeen, founder of FatRedCouch.

Smart-EZE is available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and Mac and Windows desktop. To learn more, please visit Smart-EZE at FatRedCouch.

Benefits For Students:

  • Interactive, fun, and engaging -- animated characters provide feedback
  • Comprehensive lessons for Math, English Grammar, and Reading, grades 1-5
  • Over 400 interactive questions per subject and grade level, (over 4500 in all)
  • Grade-level Incentive rewards/games are offered for each subject

Benefits For parents:

  •  Ability to track their a child's progress
  •  Student progress reports which can be viewed by both parents and students
  •  Learning standards supported, including traditional and common core
  •  Flexibility-each lesson can be used by up to 5 family members
  •  Over 1,200 interactive questions for each grade
  •  First lesson in any subject, any grade is FREE!

Ages 5 and up

Based on the award winning Summer Solutions Workbooks, the first Smart-EZE lesson is free for a single subject and grade level of your choice.

About Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions publishes more than 120 products under the Simple Solutions, Summer Solutions, and Smart-EZE brands, all uniquely designed to promote long-term retention. The Simple Solutions Approach was created by company president and former teacher, Nancy McGraw, whose mission is to revolutionize education so that every student has a foundation for success. Simple Solutions is one of Northeast Ohio's fastest growing companies. Its customers include schools, teachers, and parents in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and the Bahamas. To learn more, visit,, and/or

About FatRedCouch

FatRedCouch is a family lifestyle media company blending brands and technologies to create innovative entertainment, publishing, and educational experiences using digital platforms and physical goods. FatRedCouch is a proud member of Know What's Inside, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers with family-friendly apps.

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