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August 30, 2007 23:50 ET

New Playzr Turns YouTube Videos Into Cash Machines

Innovative e-Commerce Application Shares Videos, Pays Playlist Producers; Surge in Early Adopters Predicts Success for Fast-Growing Venture

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - August 30, 2007) - Do you love YouTube? Do you send friends favorite videos? Could you use more cash? If the answer to all three questions is, "Yes," then Plazr is perfect for you. This new video collecting and sharing application, ideal for Facebook and other social media participants, could transform your passion for video entertainment into extra money -- and maybe even lead to your own media empire.

Created by Ncursion, a San Diego-based Facebook development company, Playzr is a new online video compiler and player that allows you to create your own custom playlist of favorite videos. Copy and paste the URLs from your favorite YouTube videos into Playzr and select a custom skin to house your videos and that's it -- you've just built a Playzr video channel.

When your friends receive and watch your Playzr, which is automatically enhanced with short ads, you receive up to 90% percent of the ad revenue. Refer your friends, encouraging them to create and distribute their own Playzrs and you receive 10% of the revenue they earn. You receive another 1 percent for the friends they refer. Money is deposited into your PayPal account and you can start withdrawing it once you hit the $25 mark.

"Video collecting and sharing is a huge Web hobby, as evidenced by the unparalleled popularity of YouTube," said Michael Witz, Ncursion's CEO and founder. "Over 100 companies are now part of the Internet video industry and we expect to see video sharing grow exponentially, fueled by online social networks including Facebook and new applications like Playzr."

5,000 Early Adopters -- Already!

Ncursion officially launches the Playzr app today, after experiencing a successful test that began last week. This "soft launch" has attracted more than 5,000 Playzr users and counting. This number is expected to hit 100,000 in one month's time.

"As Playzr takes off, it could potentially generate thousands of dollars for the Playzr producers and their friends, making social networking not only fun, but profitable," added Witz.

The Playzrs will cover a limitless collection of YouTube content, with Playzr producers controlling the selection and order of the clips, purely based on personal preference. The same Playzr producer could have several different Playzrs running at once, as well -- one dedicated to humor videos, another to '70s TV dramas and yet another to babies.

Playzr producers run the gamut from teenagers, playdate Moms and movie-loving Dads to college students and professors, and senior citizens, based on who's creating the Playzrs and where they're being sent. Viewers, of course, can then become Playzr producers themselves, starting the cycle all over again.

In this way, Playzrs could usher in the Web's next generation of the YouTube sensation, with plenty of Playzrs to choose from based on what online producers and viewers want for their personalized video entertainment.

Create Your First Playzr Now

Anyone interested in being part of this next Internet craze can create a Playzr (or two) by signing up for free at:

Beyond potentially spurring another online video sensation, Playzr also marks the first product offered by Ncursion. The second product, still in development, is scheduled to debut at the DEMOfall conference in late September, which introduces some of the world's most promising new technology.

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