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March 26, 2007 07:00 ET

New Plug-In Architecture Enables Traction Users to Easily Develop, Manage and Share TeamPage Extensions

Simple New Architecture and Interface to Upload and Configure Plug-Ins Enables Customers and Partners to Develop and Share TeamPage Extensions, Creating a Path to Better and Faster Customization and Richer Site-Specific Functionality

PROVIDENCE, RI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- Traction® Software, the leading developer of products for secure, scalable, web-based collaboration, today announced a new set of developer tools for its award-winning enterprise blog and wiki solution. The new Traction TeamPage™ plug-in architecture enables customers and partners to easily and quickly develop and share new Traction interfaces, skins, forms, dashboard views, widgets and SDK (Software Developer Kit) or SDL (Skin Definition Language) functions. New functions and customizations can be shared within the company, or the entire Traction TeamPage user community. The new plug-in architecture is available now for customers and via the concurrently announced free TeamPage5 license and Traction TeamPage Release 3.7.3.

"Traction's new plug-in architecture provides a simple and effective way to create and share reusable customizations and enhancements to the core product," said Erik Spears, Senior Systems Engineer at FAST Search and Transfer. "In our most recent project, we were able to quickly create a custom skin with an intuitive interface to simplify collaboration amongst our User Group participants. We were quickly able to modify an existing Traction skin and its associated functionality to create a new user experience tailored specifically to our needs."

"Extended TeamPage functions, such as Google map widgets, a customer service form, or a competitive intelligence dashboard interface can be downloaded and used by any non-technical TeamPage administrator, without knowing how it works," said Greg Lloyd, Traction co-founder and president. "This makes it simple to create and distribute extensions to TeamPage that any Traction customer can easily and instantly leverage to increase the value of their deployment."

About the Developer Plug-In Architecture

The new plug-in architecture provides a GUI that makes it easy for server administrators to install and configure options for plug-in extensions to Traction TeamPage. A simple mechanism is also provided to enable individual users to configure their own settings for a given plug-in. One example is a personal setup page to allow each user to specify a Jabber Username and edit notification options for Traction's Jabber notifier plug-in.

Developers can use the new plug-in architecture to add new functions to TeamPage or override and extend the appearance and behavior of standard TeamPage features and interfaces. Traction's Skin Definition Language (SDL) makes it simple to program look and feel extensions. Traction's Java Software Developer Kit (SDK) can be used to create new SDL tags, derive from Traction's Java SDK components, or create new authentication, notification and other components using the SDK's run-time extensible interfaces. Traction Customers have full access to the Java source code and JavaDoc of the SDK layer -- including the full SDL implementation -- at no additional cost.

About the TeamPage5 Product

Traction Software also announced the Traction® TeamPage5™ product today. The TeamPage5 product provides the full functionality of the TeamPage server but is limited to five login accounts and five projects (blog / wiki spaces). The license can be used for publicly facing or internal websites. Each project can be configured to allow anyone to read, comment or subscribe to RSS feeds. TeamPage5 is free for commercial or non-commercial use. TeamPage5 customers may download software and access online support through Traction Software's hosted Forum project and knowledge base (registration required), or they may purchase a $1K support contract.

About Traction TeamPage Release 3.7.3

In addition to the new Developer Plug-in architecture, TeamPage Release 3.7.3 adds new features including: auto-save for new entry drafts, edits, and inline comments; new view and page section types to track active discussions and edit activity; RSS/Atom support to allow subscription to standing Traction TeamPage FAST Search Module queries; new server-level ACLs for email out and export permission; SDK support for entry classes to enable custom post forms to invoke the appropriate edit form; updated email and Jabber notifiers; and improved comment thread navigation. With the Recent Edits section type, it is possible to display all edits, or edits to specific types of content, like Requirements, or edits by specific authors.

About Traction® TeamPage™

Traction TeamPage was named InfoWorld Magazine's 2007 Enterprise Wiki of the Year. The solution combines wiki style group editing, the simplicity of a blog, and a unique model for commenting and secure, scalable collaboration. Global 1000 and government customers deploy TeamPage for business critical applications including product development, management issue tracking, marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales force communication. TeamPage gives businesses the ability to collaboratively create and share valuable information such as market research, competitive intelligence, corporate communications, product plans, and business development resources. Traction TeamPage plugs into a company's existing infrastructure or operates stand-alone on an intranet or extranet.

About Traction Software

Traction Software provides business and government organizations with enterprise software that allows groups and teams to communicate more effectively. Traction's easy to use TeamPage™ software creates a secure communications hub for business information and working communications that collects, organizes, links and shares sources of information in context over time. Traction Software has been named one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and is a winner of the RedHerring 100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at

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