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January 30, 2016 23:43 ET

New Podcast Targets Visionaries and Subculture Achievements -- Edge Podcast Breaks Ground in Unique Variety of Guests

The Show Is Video Taped, Syndicated, and Followed Up With National Publicity

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - January 30, 2016) - The Edge Podcast lives up to its name. It explores the "edge" of visionaries and subcultures -- their achievements, struggles, growth and insights. The focus is on Entrepreneurs & Business, Cannabis, Adventurers, Heath & Fitness and subcultures such as tattoo artists, photographers and models.

Founded by Michael Garcia of the The Edge Media Group, the podcast is rapidly growing in listeners since its beginnings in late 2015. According to Garcia, "The Edge Podcast is a long-form conversation with real people who are crushing it in life."

A wide variety of guests include high-performance entrepreneurs, hall of fame coaches and even Inked models. The purpose is to decode and examine the real, but profound experiences of significant achievers by pulling back the veil from their accomplishments. "Our mission is to take every conversation to the edge, giving voice to what is possible -- resulting in nothing less than the elevation of humanity," claims Garcia. 

An important result is to give needed recognition for entrepreneurs and subcultures by creating a massive audience, building personal legitimacy and helping to bring financial success to their efforts. This will only increase in influence as the audience continues to grow.

You can access The Edge Podcast at Also available is a special series known as the "Morning Buzz with Mike G." These short daily episodes are more timely, dealing with issues and people that are happening now. They are designed to motivate and to stimulate ideas in the listener with Mike Garcia's special brand of informal, yet penetrating conversations. 

Also, The Edge Media group is developing packages designed to improve personal brand and visibility. Known as "Make You Famous" systems, the first product is called "Living Legacy." Each person can create a video representation of his or her own story. It is a digital scrapbook that not only chronicles accomplishments, but reveals the inner struggles and achievement for all to see, enjoy and appreciate.

Mike Garcia views the world through personal development and achievement. He attended Landmark Education and has worked in network technology. Today, he is committed to unlocking personal potentials by revealing the stories of those who have significant achievements. His goal is to help others open up to their individual greatness by understanding and experiencing the greatness in others. 

According to Mike, "In life you will do one of two things. You will either leave your mark on the world or you will leave a stain! I recommend the former."

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