October 27, 2015 20:11 ET

New Policy Shocks Power Companies Nationwide

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - October 27, 2015) - Internal research from has concluded that consumers may be getting conned by their current power companies. By deliberately misleading customers, service providers are refusing to inform people that their homes are eligible for solar panels that could save hundreds of dollars in bill payments every year. believes that steps should be taken to ensure that people all over the country are aware of the local possibilities of solar power. With more people signing up every year, the benefits are both environmental and financial. This issue is largely being kept secret by major global power companies due to the loss of income and business it would create. If you own a home and reside in a qualified zip code, you could be eligible to get an extremely huge discount on your energy bill.

The in-house financial team within set out to challenge big companies and ask for a statement on the matter. Upon questioning, most replied, "Because every house is different, we weren't sure if your house would work with this program." It seems to be a common answer from companies that are aware that their admittance to a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly option would put them out of business. According to, "The trick to saving money is actually pretty simple. In fact, it's so simple that energy companies go to a lot of effort to hide it from you and hope that you never find out. We're referring to a revolutionary new type of solar panel that smart consumers are now using to help power their houses and save huge amounts of money."

This is why the promotion of solar and wind energy is being diminished by the larger corporations. However, when a homeowner visits the website and enters some contact information, the results can be a welcome surprise to first-time researchers. It is widely unknown to the public that people have the potential to save 50% on their energy bills due to recent energy policy changes. Due to the larger savings and a positive impact on the environment, it's no wonder services like are growing rapidly each year. is one of the most reliable, trusted services and highly effective tools to provide consumers with low rates for their electric bill.

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