SOURCE: Anderson Hinkins LLC

September 05, 2014 19:51 ET

New Proactive Legal Services Translate to Savings for Business Owners

In an Announcement From Anderson Hinkins Law, Their New Proactive Approach to Providing Legal Services to Businesses Is Not Only Efficient, But a Good Investment as Well

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2014) - How should a business manage its legal budget? Very few business owners have the foresight to hedge enough capital for adequate legal protection. However, for those who do, when the rain comes, they are always ready to react. This is an elegant strategy for those that enjoy risk-taking, and allowing their gut to detect a 'change in the wind.' Alternatively, many decision makers have elected to go with the new proactive legal protection approach as implemented by Anderson Hinkins Law. This new method of legal protection typically saves firms thousands of dollars each year, due to compliance and liability issues being handled well before they have time to make an impact.

Why does the 'train metaphor' carry so much truth with regard to legal action? There is a saying in the legal field that if you have been served papers, it is time to put your hand on the rail, because soon enough, the train will be coming your way. The metaphor suggests that the name of the firm that served you papers is painted on the side of the train, and by the time it hits, there will be nothing left of your assets or legal rights. This new proactive approach to business law is designed exactly for the purpose of -- not waiting for the train to gain momentum, but disabling its ability to move before it leaves the station. The legal team at Anderson Hinkins has dealt with both scenarios, and they will testify that the results of being prepared ahead of time are far less devastating, and much more manageable.

When should a business begin to take a proactive approach to legal protection? There are many formulas that would suggest a 'critical mass' for when a firm should take action. However, you'd get a simpler solution by using the trusty logic that was common in Poor Richard's Almanack, when it was first introduced by Benjamin Franklin. He may have looked upon liability issues, and asked one basic core question: "At what point in your business dealings are you responsible for litigation?" The obvious answer is that every business is liable at the moment of their inception, to which he would likely respond: "Then you need to protect yourself the very moment that you can afford to do so, otherwise, you're just a leaf on the wind."

While this basic logic does go to support the new proactive legal services offered by Anderson Hinkins, it does not strictly speak to the vital benefits of such a service. For examples of how a proactive approach to legal protection can help your business, please visit: