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Method123 Ltd

September 27, 2010 11:29 ET

New Procurement Management Process Template Release Announced by Method123

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 27, 2010) - Method123 is pleased to announce their latest Project Management Templates release - the Procurement Management Process template.

Project management software industry leader Method123 has just announced the latest template release for their powerful Online Project Management Kit product. The new Procurement Management Process will enable project personnel to procure goods and services easier and in a more organized manager for all of their project needs.

"When you're handed a project it's easy to get focused on the tasks of the project and hitting the ground running," states Jason Westland, CEO and co-founder of Method123 Ltd. "What can sometimes get overlooked are the goods and services that will be needed to make the project happen - to make it successful. And we also can tend to overlook the processes we need in place to plan for and obtain those goods and services. That's where our Procurement Management Process takes over."

The Procurement Management Process - or Procurement Process as some companies refer to it - is the overall set of processes, policies, and procedures that a company must have in place to ensure that goods and services can be obtained for projects in an efficient and cost effective manner. It's part of the Project Planning process of selecting suppliers, purchasing goods and services, gaining approvals, creating purchase orders, and receiving the necessary items for your programs and projects. Without these processes and procedures in place, poor vendors may be selected, costs can be higher and quality and performance can suffer. All resulting in potential project failure.

"Our Procurement Management Process allows an organization to setup the most efficient processes possible to select vendors, obtain goods, get the best prices and quality, and handle the purchasing and billing process in the most efficient way possible," says Westland. "It can actually save money on a project and we all know how tight project budgets are anyway. Any added efficiency can greatly increase chances for project success."

The Procurement Management Process will help the project manager and organization:

--  Define processes and procedures for selecting suppliers
--  Identify what goods and services are needed
--  Document timeframes and methods for delivery
--  Create purchase orders for suppliers
--  Track goods and services purchased and received
--  Approve all purchases and receipts of goods and services from suppliers

As with all of Method123's project management templates, the Procurement Management Process comes complete with helpful hints and tips as well as detailed instructions on completing the Process so it's tailored to your organization's and project's needs. It also comes with pre-filled in sections containing real world-type data making accurate completion of the sections of the document a snap.

Once completed, the Procurement Management Process will become a critical piece of a company's Project Management Methodology. It will give you the process and policies that match your project's goals and needs. You'll essentially have a step by step procurement process nicely laid out for your organization.

Method123's Procurement Management Process template can be purchased and downloaded separately, or as part of the Project Management Kit. For more information on these products, please visit Method123's website at

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