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Method123 Ltd

November 29, 2010 13:51 ET

New Procurement Register Template Released by Method123

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2010) - Method123 announced today the release of their new Procurement Register template.

Project management template leader Method123 just announced the release of their newest template as part of their cornerstone product – the Project Management Kit. Now boasting over fifty templates in all, this full featured software product is being used by over 1 million users worldwide. Project managers all around the globe are benefiting from the extensive research and knowledge that Method123 has put into every one of these templates.

"Our goal has always been to make project management easier for the Online Project Manager," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Method123 Ltd. "We've taken all of our cumulative project experience and knowledge at Method123 and put it into these documents, forms, and plans. The project manager truly has a comprehensive toolset to produce the best and most professional working documents possible for their projects."

Method123's Procurement Register gives the project manager and team one centralized tool to track all project procurement activities. Having one common location to track all information and status about every project good and service purchased to date helps the team stay on top of where things stand for the items needed for the engagement. With critical dates and deadlines approaching, they'll be able to tell quickly if the necessary good or service will be procured and received in time to keep the Project Plan on track.

With the Procurement Register, the project manager and project team will be able to:

  • Document all purchase orders to date on the project
  • Capture all relevant data fields pertaining to purchase orders
  • Keep track of outstanding orders
  • Know when deadlines are approaching and can easily follow-up with the right supplier
  • Obtain detailed supplier information for all procurements
  • Check approval status on each procurement

"Procuring resources for a project is never a sure thing," says Westland. "You're relying on your outside vendors to supply a need on your project that might mean the difference between project success and project failure. You need to know up-to-the-minute status for every outstanding purchase order at any given time. Our Procurement Register can give you that information. It's your one-stop shop for obtaining high-level and detailed status of every good and service you've procured for your project."

All of Method123's project management templates contained in the Project Management Kit include helpful hints and tips for completing the necessary information. They also include very detailed instructions to ensure that even the novice project manager can complete project plans, documents, and forms like a seasoned professional. And the inclusion of pre-completed sections containing real world type sample data further ensures that your team will get the right information in the right place.

"The Procurement Register is an essential piece of your Project Management Methodology. Ensuring that your goods and services are tracked and received on time for your project is critical and you can't leave it to chance," says Jason. "Our tool helps you make sure that all the bases are covered."

The Procurement Register is available for purchase and download separately or as part of the Project Management Kit. For more information on all of Method123's products, please visit their website at

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