April 02, 2009 09:35 ET

New Products Added to the RONA ECO Line Selected With the Help of Independent Life-Cycle Experts

Products are more respectful of the environment yet competitively priced with conventional products

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 2, 2009) - RONA (TSX:RON), the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, renovation and gardening products, is introducing 40 new products to its RONA ECO line today. These products are more respectful of the environment than similar conventional products over their entire life cycle. Selected in partnership with the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment, the new RONA ECO items are from a number of different product categories, and include - among others - a manual lawn mower, an algae-based fertilizer, a rainwater collector, reconditioned tool blades and mouldings. The 47 RONA ECO products now available are priced to compete with conventional products that do not feature such eco-responsible attributes.

"Building on our success with the first group of RONA ECO products introduced last year, we worked in collaboration with the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment and our suppliers to introduce even more new products this year in a wide variety of categories," explained Normand Dumont, RONA Executive Vice President, Merchandising.

"We know that Canadians want products that are more respectful of the environment, but they don't want to have to pay a lot more than they pay for regular products. That's why RONA ECO products are priced just like regular products. Ultimately, we want to help Canadians adopt responsible consumption habits, and at the same time encourage them to buy from a Canadian company. Because after all, sustainable development also means economic sustainability," Dumont added.

"RONA sets a great example in the retail and distribution industry. It's actually the first retailer to include life cycle assessment in its eco-responsible product selection process," said Edouard Clement, Technical Director of the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment. "It reflects the company's commitment to embracing a thorough and transparent approach. RONA has made tremendous strides in a short period of time, and we are continuing to work together to identify new products that can be added to the RONA ECO line."

RONA's partnership with the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment allows the company to guarantee the legitimacy of the selection process for the products that will bear the RONA ECO label. To simplify the purchase of eco-responsible products for consumers, RONA has introduced signage in its stores to help shoppers find products on the shelves and to tell them more about life cycle and the reasons that various products have been added to the RONA ECO line.

In conjunction with the new RONA ECO products, RONA is also launching a recycling program for tool blades and accessories and alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Consumers who bring back used RONA ECO tool blades will receive a discount on the purchase of a new blade or accessory of the same brand.

Besides RONA ECO products, RONA has identified other environmentally friendly products, also selected in partnership with the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment: over 700 items from various brands chosen because they have a softer environmental impact in one or more phases of their life cycles.

RONA ECO and life cycle assessment

All RONA ECO products share a special feature: they offer significant environmental advantages over their entire life cycle. A product's life cycle includes resource acquisition, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use and end of life. For each stage of their life cycle, RONA ECO brand products are carefully assessed based on four environmental performance indicators: climate change, ecosystem health, human health and natural resources. These indicators are the subject of international scientific consensus and take all major environmental issues into account.

List of new RONA ECO products:

- Mouldings (10 products)

- Electric tool accessories: circular saw blades, router bits, hole cutters, mandrels and reciprocating saw blades

- Recycling bin (6, 16, 12 and 22 gallons)

- Touch-screen thermostat

- Manual lawn mower

- Torrefied wood rain barrel

- Torrefied wood domestic composter

- Lawn, kitchen garden and flower border maintenance kits

- BTK organic insecticide

- Nematodes (insecticide)

- Vegetable fertilizer duo

- Algae-based fertilizer (650 ml and 500 g)

- Flower and plant pots made from coco fibre (5 sizes)

- Outdoor garbage bags (40 and 100 units)

- Neutral floor cleanser (4 L and 945 ml)

- Toilet bowl cleanser

- Dish soap (2 sizes: 4 L and 945 ml)

- Dishwasher gel

- Laundry soap

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