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Method123 Ltd

February 16, 2009 09:00 ET

New Project Management Software Released

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 16, 2009) - Leaders in the Project Methodology space, Method123 Ltd, today announced the release of the Enterprise version of its methodology.

The Method123 Project Management Methodology, otherwise known as MPMM, includes a complete step-by-step methodology for managing projects. Based on the two worldwide project management standards PMI and Prince2, MPMM Enterprise offers the complete solution for creating and customizing project management methodologies within an organization.

The newly released edition, MPMM Enterprise, provides an enterprise-wide license to use all of the templates, tools, methods and practical examples within an organization. It includes the features needed to create your own customized methodologies and then publish them onto the corporate intranet so the entire organization can access the content over the web.

"For the first time, project managers can access their methodologies across the web," says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director of Method123 Ltd. "Using MPMM, a Project Office can create and customize as many methodologies for projects as they wish. And by using the Enterprise Edition, they can take the methodologies created and with the click of a single button, publish them as a web page. The web pages generated by MPMM can easily be loaded up onto an organizations intranet, so that Project Managers and project teams can access them across the web. No other project management methodology in the world offers this level of flexibility."

In addition to including an entire methodology for projects, MPMM also includes a complete suite of Project Management Templates. Each template includes practical example on how to undertake projects. By using the templates provided, project managers and teams can build deliverables faster and more efficiently than before.

Nicholson says the benefits to be gained from using the methodology and templates include: saving time on projects, reducing the effort spent by each project resource, increases in efficiency, improved communication and a greater level of project success.

Any size of organization can use the methodology content included, because the methodology is scalable for all sizes of projects. The user selects the processes they wish to implement, scaling the methodology to fit their size of organization.

In the future, MPMM plan to release their methodology in conjunction with Online Project Management software. By doing this, Project Managers can use the methodology to guide them in delivering projects, and use the Project Management Software features to monitor and track their projects. This combination offers them a strong competitive advantage in the market.

With more than 150,000 customers in 200 countries around the world, Method123 is close to achieving its vision of becoming the "World's Leading Project Management Providers Online".

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