Workers' Action Centre

Workers' Action Centre

May 04, 2009 12:26 ET

New protections for Temp agency workers passed by Ont. Legislature

Attention: Assignment Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO/PRESS ADVISORY--(Marketwire - May 4, 2009) - Temp agency workers and the Workers' Action Centre (WAC) have been pushing for years for legislative changes that will bring fairness for temp agency workers. The passage of Bill 139 on temporary help agencies today is a good start in improving protection for temp agency workers.

"Finally I will be entitled to the same rights to public holidays and termination and severance that other workers get," says Beixi Liu, WAC member. "Ending this free ride for temp agencies is a huge victory for temp workers,"

"Ending outrageous fees for work; reducing barriers to permanent jobs; enabling temp workers to go after the people responsible - the company and the agency - when we are penalized for trying to enforce our basic rights: these changes are critical for temp workers' day-to-day economic survival, especially in the current economic situation," says Andrea Galindo, WAC member.

The legislation will also require agencies to provide workers with information about their assignment and employment standards rights. These new protections come into effect in six months.

Today's changes to the ESA are just the first step. "Employers are moving more work beyond the protection of employment standards - hiring people indirectly through intermediaries, disguising employment as independent contracting, and shifting more business costs onto workers who have little power to refuse," says Deena Ladd, Workers' Action Centre. Workers still need equal pay and working conditions regardless of being a temp agency worker, on contract or working part-time. Regulating temp agency work is a critical first step in expanding the Employment Standards Act to address the realities of our workplaces where 37% of work is temporary, part-time and contract work at low pay with few benefits and little protection against violations.

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