SOURCE: i4 Solutions

September 05, 2014 17:55 ET

New Provocative Internet Marketing Packages Are Churning Up Natural Results for Hundreds of Businesses

In an Announcement From i4 Solutions, Their New Marketing Packages Promise More Value and Long-Term Success to Clients Who Like to See Tangible Fruits of Their Investments Throughout the Process

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2014) - Technology is changing almost daily, is your internet marketing? Specifically how has your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) adapted to keep you seeing results on your investment. The way search engines work has changed considerably which has forced companies to either alter how they market online or be left behind.

Gone are the days of cramming web pages with as many search terms as possible (commonly referred to as stuffing) and putting out links on every page possible. With today's search engines not only will those old practices not get you results, they can actually hurt you. With current engines (most notably Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, and others) overloading causes them to "ding" your website which moves it farther down in the rankings. Basically, in order to try to provide the most relevant results possible, companies that are obviously intentionally manipulating their SEO are being moved down the rankings.

To avoid getting bumped down companies are now using provocative internet marketing to keep their sites ranked higher. This new style shifts the focus from traditional SEO "stuffing" to creating quality content that is both applicable and able to be shared across multiple arenas on the web. This provides both better results for people looking, but also if done correctly can supply your business with higher quality leads and visitors to your site.

Building an all-around presence on the web will also enable your websites visibility to be sustained for a much longer period of time. However, once you have achieved the results you want you are only part way there. Another key step is making sure your site is not only optimized for SEO, but also functional, clean, and easy to navigate. i4 Solutions' new marketing packages include a variety of features and reporting that utilize these new features to get you quality results that will last.

By broadening their focus beyond simple search terms they are able to target people more interested in your message or product. i4 Solutions is specialized in custom content, link building, social media, keyword research, and reporting. All of these, while very different, are important tools to boost your website's visibility. Their packages give you the flexibility to emphasize the areas that will get you the best results for your investment.

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