SOURCE: Greene's Inc.

September 08, 2014 11:30 ET

New Radon Removal Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

An Announcement From Greene's Inc. Today Will Help Utah Homeowners to Breathe Easier; They Have the Equipment to Detect and Remove Cancer Causing Radon From Residences

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2014) - Now homeowners have one less thing to worry about in terms of domestic hazards. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Greene's Inc., radon levels in Utah will be at an all time low. They have dutifully developed the technology to successfully detect and remove hazardous, cancer causing radon from homes, making residences safer and healthier than ever before.

Quite understandably, the last thing people want in their homes is cancer causing substances. Greene's Inc. meticulously developed and tested equipment will eradicate this very real fear from the lives of homeowners and their families all across the Salt Lake Valley. The Golden Age of Salt Lake radon removal has indeed begun, with such effective tools and measures being developed and used on the residential level. One no longer has to have access to a high-security clearance at a prestigious university or research facility to gain access to the proper equipment to decrease radon levels in Utah. Rather, Greene's Inc. brings this equipment with all of its prestige and effectiveness straight to the consumer with their Salt Lake radon removal apparatus.

Cancer causing radon will no longer be an issue in the domestic arena any longer now that Greene's Inc. has developed the proper equipment to remove it once and for all. Their Salt Lake radon removal paraphernalia is innovative and completely safe to use in the home, since it has been designed specifically for domestic use. Now, one need not spend thousands on professional radon removal when they can simply invest in Greene's Inc. Such a maneuver saves money while simultaneously saving lives. Cancerous radon is no joking matter, which is why the company takes their detecting and removing equipment very seriously.

A shockingly high percentage of the population will have fought cancer at some point in their lives, a statistic that frightens many. However, one can easily do their part to be protected and healthy by picking up radon detecting and removing equipment from Greene's Inc. Radon levels in Utah will no longer be a cause for worriment, once one has the tools to properly combat it. By choosing Greene's Inc. as an ally in the fight against cancer and other household hazards, the homeowner will surely be advantageous in their pursuit of a healthier life. For more information, please visit: