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June 18, 2014 10:00 ET

New Recruiting Technology From Match-Click Humanizes Recruiting, Changes How Employers Find Top Talent

Cutting-Edge Solution Makes Current Online Job Posting Look as Antiquated as Newspaper-Based Help Wanted Ads

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2014) - Today marked the launch of Match-Click, the first recruiting platform to give employers the tools to effectively market their positions and engage top candidates with rich content, rather than merely posting dry text-based job descriptions. Founded by a marketing executive who began her career in brand management at Procter and Gamble, Match-Click draws from consumer marketing best-practices to improve effectiveness and drive results: engaging highly-qualified candidates and providing information that will motivate them to apply.

Targeted to Millennial professionals who will soon make up the largest demographic segment of the U.S. labor market, the Match-Click solution is a sharp contrast to archaic static job boards that are not mobile-friendly. Instead, Match-Click capitalizes on the growth of social media for transparency and authenticity, and video as a preferred communications medium. According to a recent report by Cisco, consumer Internet video traffic will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, compared to 57 percent in 2012. With its cutting-edge, mobile optimized, video-rich platform, Match-Click capitalizes on this growth trend to reach candidates in a familiar manner and on the devices they use constantly.

"Online job boards are extremely limited. They restrict employers to posting text-only job descriptions that are boring and uninformative," said Maury Hanigan, founder and chief executive officer of Match-Click. "To engage those coveted Millennials and passive candidates who aren't actively looking for a new job, companies must market their open positions by providing interesting content. With Match-Click's videos, candidates can see their potential boss and co-workers, and start envisioning themselves in the job. It's a powerful hook."

Today's candidates want to know more about a job than just the job description. To give candidates an authentic preview of their new corporate culture, work environment, and potential manager and co-workers, every job opening posted on Match-Click includes short video clips from the hiring manager and colleagues. These videos can be recorded with webcams or smart phones, making them quick to record and simple to upload. Match-Click also gives employers the opportunity to include additional information about the company, job, career path, location and other distinctive aspects of the job opportunity. Candidates can search for jobs from any device by specifying job title, location and key words, as well as other employment factors that are important to them, such as schedule or benefits.

Match-Click's experienced management team is led by founder and chief executive officer Maury Hanigan, who established the recruitment consulting firm, Hanigan Consulting Group. During her 17 year tenure as CEO, Hanigan Consulting Group advised Fortune 500 companies on their recruiting strategies for management track employees.

Headquartered in New York City, Match-Click has already gained a following from sophisticated employers across diverse industries, who have validated the Match-Click concept and serve as advisors on the solution's development and implementation.

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About Match-Click
Match-Click is a new kind of recruiting platform that makes use of video, matching algorithms and mobile technology to make the process engaging and productive. It features a position profile with video clips of the hiring manager and colleagues so potential candidates get a preview of who they will work with and the environment they will work in. It allows the employers to include information on reasons to work for the company and apply for the job. Match-Click will make the current job boards look as antiquated as the Help Wanted ads. For more information, please visit