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October 15, 2007 06:00 ET

New Reflex MG Network Security Switches Deliver 10Gbps and Protection to the Network Core and Data Center

Reflex MG Network Security Switches Provide High-Availability Multi-Vector Security and Robust High-Density Ethernet Switching With Proven 10Gbps Throughput

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Reflex Security, the leader in integrated network security for data center, core networks, and virtual environments, today announced the industry's first platform to deliver robust network security and Ethernet switching functionality with true 10Gbps throughput. The new Reflex MG™ line of network security switches provides customers with integrated, high-availability 1GbE/10GbE network security and switching at the core, distribution and access layers.

Historically, network security "pizza box" devices offered limited throughput, density and high availability features. This was acceptable in perimeter deployments but made them impractical for internal LAN applications. These attributes led many enterprises to adopt a "hard crunchy shell/soft chewy center" security architecture that was focused exclusively on externally based threats.

However, an explosion of new desktop technologies, access requirements and outsourcing relationships has eroded the traditional network perimeter. Threats emanating from contractors, partners, employees and new devices put the "soft chewy center" at risk and forced enterprises to secure critical internal resources and data. In the past, this would have required unattractive trade-offs between security, performance and manageability.

Location, location, location

Addressing these new challenges requires a device deployed in the heart of the network with advanced security, switching, availability and management attributes. Fortunately, the new Reflex MG line of network security switches delivers true multi-vector security (deep packet inspection, IDS/IPS, network access control, L2/L3 firewall, malware protection) and true networking functionality (VLAN support, link bonding, QoS and more) in a high-availability, 10 Gbps platform. The high-density Reflex MG also offers an integrated security manager console with advanced network discovery, reporting and remediation tools.

"Enterprises are realizing that they must bring security closer to the core, to control content and users already inside the network," said Hezi Moore, CTO of Reflex Security. "Traditionally enterprises have had to make a tradeoff between network performance and security, sacrificing speed and scalability for in-line protection. With our new line of network security switches, enterprises can tightly control access to systems and data, at never before seen performance speeds."

Reflex is now offering two new products in the new Reflex MG Network Security Switch family, the Reflex MG5 and MG10, designed to meet the performance needs of various enterprises. The Reflex MG10 provides the industry's first proven, sustained 10 Gbps throughput. Independent lab tests have proved that the Reflex MG family can maintain these throughput levels while utilizing all of the network security functionality provided, unlike other network security switches.

All products in the Reflex Network Security Switch family deliver multi-vector security, superior throughput, port density and availability from the network edge to the endpoint, with the following security and switching functionality:

Complete Multi-Vector Network Security Features

--  High-availability, blade-based Distributed Security Architecture™
    (DSA) that provides scalable, redundant secure Ethernet switching
    throughput from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
--  Integrated multi-vector network security, including deep packet
    content inspection, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), network
    access control (NAC), L2/L3 firewall, traffic shaping and anti-virus/anti-
--  True network visibility and security management through cohesive
    command, reporting and network information tools, including security
    information management (SIM), multi-vendor event management, network
    discovery, identity management, auditing and more.
--  Interoperability with existing network infrastructure, utilizing
    standards-based architecture and protocols with flexible deployment options
    at the core, distribution and access layers.
--  High-density AdvancedTCA chassis featuring extensible XFP, SFP and
    Copper Secure Port Modules and dual processor/quad-core security
    application blades.
--  Superior performance with capacity of up to 48 CPUs, totaling 96 GHZ
    of processing power and 10/100/1000 & 10 Gigabit connectivity.
--  5 Slot & 14 slot platforms enabling scalability and configuration

Robust Ethernet Switching Features

--  802.3AD Link Bonding, enabling bonding of multiple gigabit links to
    create a faster virtual link
--  802.1Q VLAN trunking that carries multiple virtual networks across a
    single network
--  802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree to prevent network loops
--  Traffic prioritization and bandwidth rate limiting in hardware offers
    improved Quality of Service (QoS)
--  High Port Density (up to 94 ports), port mirroring and port security

The new Reflex MG Network Security Switches are available immediately. For more information on Reflex Security's full line of network security solutions, visit, call 888-872-7555 or contact any authorized channel partner.

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Reflex Security is the leader in integrated network security for data center, core networks, and virtual environments. Delivered on chassis-based, appliance-based and virtual machine (VMware™) platforms, Reflex employs high-performance deep packet inspection to combine firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS), anomaly detection, network access control (NAC) and anti-spyware capabilities, all of which are managed from a single integrated console. The company's patent pending software includes a multi-threaded, multi-core architecture that allows Reflex to run on carrier-grade, high availability, multi-gigabit chassis; price/performance leading security appliances, and VMware's ESX servers.

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