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September 30, 2014 11:04 ET

New Releases of Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router and Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center Help Optimize Network Resource Utilization and New Service Deployment


News Summary
The rapid proliferation of always-connected smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications is taxing communications service providers' (CSPs) networks at an unprecedented rate and scale. In an effort to mitigate network demands, improve performance, and expand offerings, CSPs are ramping up implementations of new standards and signaling protocols, such as LTE Diameter, which increase both the speed and capacity of wireless networks. To help CSPs transition to next-generation standards, optimize network resources, and simplify new service deployment to increase profits and customer loyalty, Oracle today announced Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 6.0 and Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center 10.1.

The Oracle Communications LTE Diameter Signaling Index, also released today, shows that personalized data plans and new LTE video and voice services will increase LTE Diameter signaling from 12 million messages per second (MPS) this year to nearly 216 million MPS by 2018.

News Facts

  • Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 6.0 enables CSPs to better meet customers' demands for high-performance wireless networks by improving integration between legacy 2G and 3G network equipment and next-generation LTE networks. These improvements give CSPs flexibility to develop innovative and customized tariff plans for individual subscribers, enterprises, and connected devices, while enabling them to more easily operate in a multivendor environment and extend offerings to roaming partners.
  • Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center 10.1, part of the Oracle Communications family of network intelligence products, now supports a virtually seamless mobile roaming experience and transition between 2G, 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks. The solution also includes new LTE quality of experience (QoE) analysis based on metadata collected from LTE interfaces -- from the core network to the handset.

Product Details: Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router

  • Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router enables CSPs' IP networks to grow incrementally and systematically to meet the rapidly expanding traffic demands. The 6.0 release of the product:
    • Improves network performance -- even in complex, multivendor environments -- with mediation enhancements that improve network equipment interoperability, whether using standards-based or proprietary Diameter interfaces.
    • Enables CSPs to route policy traffic from a single subscriber to different policy and charging rules functions (PCRFs), supporting more-complex rating and charging. For example, a CSP can send traffic from a mobile data session to one PCRF and traffic from a voice call to another PCRF, allowing for more-sophisticated pricing plans.
    • Extends the protocols supported for deep packet inspection (DPI) server vendors, allowing CSPs to interwork with additional existing network elements.
    • Greatly improves performance with a new integrated deployment model for the Diameter Intelligence Hub module, enhancing troubleshooting capabilities and eliminating the need for external monitoring tools for Diameter traffic.
  • Further, Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router can be deployed onto Oracle's Sun Netra rack-mount servers, increasing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware options.

Product Details: Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center

  • Oracle Communications Performance Intelligence Center enables CSPs to better manage network assets, understand network performance, identify revenue leakage, and analyze customer usage by gathering valuable network metadata on legacy and LTE networks. The product:
    • Improves performance of tracing by combining multiple fragmented records into a single integrated record and supporting additional standardized file formats for trace exporting
    • Adds support for multiple new standardized interfaces and protocols (for example, S9, S1, CC, and GTPv2C), expanding the information captured in the system to improve LTE network and customer device performance analysis
    • Offers a compact architecture to meet the needs of small to medium-scale deployments, saving data center footprint, cabling, and power consumption

Supporting Quotes

  • "As LTE network usage continues to rapidly expand, the ability to understand, meet, and monetize customer demands is paramount," said Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. "We are equipping communications service providers with the tools to add new mobile data offerings, accurately charge for them, and understand how subscribers use these services whether they are on home networks or roaming."
  • "Oracle Communications has a strong track record of helping communications service implement and deploy the latest in network technology in order to provide end-users with the quality of experience they expect," said Greg Collins, Founder & Principal Analyst, Exact Ventures, Inc. "The latest releases of both the Diameter Signaling Router and Performance Intelligence Center demonstrate Oracle's commitment to understanding the needs of the industry and their customers."

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