February 22, 2010 11:11 ET

New Report Analyzes the Future of the Electric Vehicle Market

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) - has announced the addition of SBI's new report "Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Manufacturing," to their collection of Electric Vehicles market reports. For more information, visit

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), including cars, buses, and trains, are being developed around the world, with much work aiming to optimize engine and battery for efficient operation, both during discharge and when grid electricity is available for recharging. The general expectation has been that an established electric infrastructure will not be greatly affected by the increased use of EVs because the recharging will occur during off-peak hours, or the number of vehicles will grow slowly enough so that capacity planning will respond adequately. Nonetheless, the combination of high oil costs, concerns about oil security and availability, and air quality issues related to vehicle emissions are driving interest in EVs. But despite increased demand, many nations remain ill-equipped with a sustainable EV infrastructure to support the continued use of the vehicles. This report will uncover the burgeoning global market of EV infrastructure manufacturing, including the production of rechargeable batteries, electric smart grid adaptation software and technologies, centralized charging and refueling stations, at-home charge points, and battery swapping stations.

Topics covered in the report include...

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction and Overview

  • Key topics covered in the report and experts interviewed
  • Definitions of terminology used in the report

3. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Activities

  • Consumption of alternative vehicle fuels by type
  • Development of electric vehicle infrastructure (i.e., manufacturing facilities, fueling stations)
  • Adoption rates of electric vehicles affecting the infrastructure
  • Electric vehicle manufacturing activities
  • Battery production activities

4. Global Trends in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturing

  • Market value electric vehicle infrastructure manufacturing by nation
  • Import and export value of electric vehicle infrastructure manufacturing
  • Projected market value of EV infrastructure manufacturing by nation through 2014

5. Profiles of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturers

  • Johnson Controls, Exide, Coulomb, Ecotality, Better Place

6. Innovations and Public Policies Affecting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manufacturing

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