February 23, 2010 09:09 ET

New Report Assesses the Mobile Video and TV Market

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) - has announced the addition of Coda Research Consultancy Ltd's new report "Mobile Video and TV in the US: An Assessment," to their collection of Broadcasting & Cable market reports. For more information, visit

This 34 page report is a thorough assessment of the mobile TV and video markets and behavior in the US. It includes revenue and user projections to 2015, in-depth analysis of challenges and opportunities, and recommendations throughout.

The report is divided into five sections. The first section investigates mobile DTV. It firstly looks at ATSC-M/H DTV in terms of background, roll-out and devices, and moves on to providing forecasts for take-up to 2015. It then investigates FLO TV, and proceeds to draw up comparisons and contrasts between ATSC-M/H and FLO TV. Rather than seeing the two as complementary, we explain why they will compete, and we explain why ATSC-M/H will gain greater market share than FLO TV and even throw the future of FLO TV into question.

The second section focuses upon mobile video via 3G+ networks. It firstly investigates the ways in which mobile TV and mobile video will compete and complement each other. It moves on to investigate reach and hindrances and drivers to take up of mobile video. This is followed by an analysis of behavior and characteristics of users, for example around content consumed and where and how, social networking, media preferences and teenagers. It then looks at services, for example carrier services, MobiTV, 'TV Everywhere,' movies, website resources, content aggregators, personalization, applications, and Wi-Fi. The section then moves on to a discussion of content especially designed for mobile consumption.

The third section investigates intentions of non users around mobile TV and video, looking at interest in services, types of programs people are interested in watching, and location.

The fourth section is given over to providing forecasts up 2015 for mobile TV and video around users, devices such as smartphones and Wi-Fi phones, traffic and sales. Included in these are separate forecasts for mobile phones, netbooks and notebooks.

The final section looks at monetisation by investigating subscription, advertising and advertising subsidized subscription model. It then looks at subscription revenues, and provides forecasts to 2015.

What this report will give you:

  • Analysis of ATSC-M/H mobile TV, including background, technology, roll out, devices, and user forecasts to 2015
  • FLO TV analysis, including background, technology, content, devices and subscribers
  • Comparison between FLO TV and ATSC-M/H, and impacts of ATSC-M/H upon FLO TV
  • Mobile video -- hindrances and drivers to take up
  • Mobile video user forecast to 2015 separately for mobile phones, and notebooks and netbooks
  • Mobile video traffic forecasts separately for mobile phones, netbooks and notebooks to 2015
  • Forecasts to 2015 around 3G+ mobile phone, smartphone and Wi-Fi phone ownership, sales, and mobile internet use
  • Analysis of behavior around mobile video and TV
  • Analysis of usage across different types of mobile video services
  • Analyses of personalization and applications
  • Intentions of mobile phone users around mobile TV and video
  • Monetisation, including advertising and subscription
  • Mobile video subscription revenues to 2015
  • Post purchase support

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