Elementary Teachers of Toronto

Elementary Teachers of Toronto

January 26, 2010 09:00 ET

New Report Documents Experiences of Elementary Teachers in Toronto Classrooms

Study highlights the complex realities of teaching in Toronto's elementary schools.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 26, 2010) -

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A new report takes a rare look at Toronto's public schools from the point of view of the classroom teacher. Voices from the Classroom explores a wide variety of issues ranging from curriculum, class size and composition, resources and facilities, to the role of school administration and interaction with parents.

The Voices report focuses on the perspectives and insights of classroom teachers. It brings to light many of the challenges for individual teachers who face a growing list of responsibilities outside the classroom that often compete with the daily demands inside the classroom. "We undertook this research project to help bring the focus of discussion back to what's really important in our public schools: the teaching-learning environment," said Martin Long, President of the Elementary Teachers of Toronto.

The report offers a detailed exploration of positive factors that contribute to a healthy and productive educational environment as well as negative factors which undermine teacher effectiveness and student success. Excessive workload, inappropriate curriculum and poor school administration are among the factors that undermine teacher effectiveness. "Teachers know what works in our schools and classrooms and this report offers a wide range of insights into what isn't working right now, and what steps can be taken to build a richer classroom learning environment for the students in our care," said Long.

Voices from the Classroom is based on extended discussions with 81 elementary teachers employed by the TDSB. Participants in the research project were randomly recruited from a larger group of several hundred volunteers who are members of ETT. They participated in one of eight consultations conduced during October and November of 2008. The full report and the Executive Summary are available to view and download at www.ett.on.ca.

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