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December 03, 2007 12:02 ET

New Report Evaluates the Pre-Game Media Impact of Super Bowl Advertising

Cymfony to Deliver an Integrated Reporting Package to Demonstrate How Pre-Game Promotional Strategies Impact Media Coverage and Consumer Discussions of Super Bowl Ads

WATERTOWN, MA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - Cymfony, a TNS Media Intelligence company, today announced the availability of its Super Bowl Advertising Audience Impact report. The syndicated series of reports will evaluate media coverage and consumer discussions about each Super Bowl advertiser, measuring the media impact of both their pre-game promotional efforts and the quality of their ad.

"Our analysis of the 2007 Super Bowl conclusively shows that media coverage before the game drives consumer discussion after the game," said Cymfony Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer Jim Nail. "As Super Bowl advertisers increase their pre-game promotion of their ads, they need new ways to measure the effectiveness of their strategy. We're launching this new product to provide more meaningful metrics to prove how their investment in the air time and pre-game promotions increases awareness, influences brand perceptions, and engages consumers."

Cymfony will analyze Super Bowl ad-related coverage in traditional media and in consumer discussions on blogs, message boards and social media sites. Weekly reports in January 2008 will summarize the most discussed advertisers, highlight key discussion topics, and compare all advertisers on Cymfony's proprietary indices for volume, favorability and polarity. These reports will provide insight on the following questions:

--  How are pre-game promotional strategies influencing coverage?
--  How much coverage is each advertiser generating?
--  Which ads are consumers discussing online? What are they saying?
--  How is the event impacting consumer engagement with the brand?

Following the peak in post-game ad coverage on Monday, February 4th, Cymfony analysts will deliver an online "Post-Game Press Conference" on February 5th to review the game's ad winners and losers as represented by consumer discussion and media coverage. A comprehensive analysis of all ad-related coverage will be available two weeks later.

Cymfony tracked advertisers in last year's Super Bowl and conducted several studies on the pre-game media impact. Over the past month, these studies have been published in a variety of publications including Media Magazine, the Journal of Advertising Research and Measuring Word of Mouth Vol. 3 from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. An abstract of these studies can be downloaded at:

For additional information on this analysis, contact Jeff Barovich at 617-673-6051. A sample of the weekly report can be accessed at:

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