Project Manager Online Ltd

January 31, 2011 11:46 ET

New Report Functionality Available in Latest Release of Project Collaboration Software

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2011) - The latest version of project collaboration tool has just been released featuring new capabilities for exporting reports within the software.

Project Manager Online Ltd. has just announced the latest release of their cornerstone online collaboration software product, This latest release promises new capabilities for exporting project reports to external software and in different formats to make distribution and analysis of the project data easier than ever.

With the latest release, users will be able to export any project report to Excel for easy data manipulation and presentation. By utilizing the capability to export report data to an Excel spreadsheet, the project manager can create even more views of the project data and use all project data to convey custom scenarios that the customer and executive management team may want to see.

An additional feature is the new capability to export reports in PDF format. The ability to export reports in PDF format provides the dual benefit of creating both a smaller document to distribute to users and also a static document that can not be manipulated further by whoever receives it.

"Our user base has been asking for the Excel export functionality for sometime so we knew it was something we needed to deliver on," states Jason Westland, president and CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "We wanted to make sure that we did it right though. It needed to be easily performed through functions off the main menu, not a workaround that required cutting and pasting by the user. We've accomplished that and it's now ready for this current release. They were also asking for the PDF option so that the receiving parties could not manipulate reports further. I'm happy that we were able to incorporate both of these changes in this current release.", like many project management software packages, contains many collaboration tools. However, reporting is always a critical function and expanding the reporting capabilities with these two new features is a key move. is rapidly growing in popularity – experiencing 20% year over year growth in the project management software industry. Noted for its ease of use, short learning curve, low price, and Microsoft Project compatibility with import and export capabilities, making the switch to is not only painless, it's economical. You can make the switch, manage projects successfully and easily with it, and not have to worry about what product the rest of your users are using.

Project Manager Online is currently offering as a free thirty day trial. It's completely web-based so there's nothing to download, nothing to install, and no need for technical support to help get you up and running. Just signup and you'll be creating functional project schedules in a matter of minutes. You can even get the rest of your project team signed up for a free trial and test out all of the collaboration features on a current project to make sure that it will serve the needs of your project and organization.

To signup for the free trail or to purchase a full user license, please visit their website at

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