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New Report Just Published: World Animation Software Market Report

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World Animation Software Market

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Animation Software in Millions of US$. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2005 through 2015. The report profiles 38 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Adobe Systems Incorporated, Autodesk, Inc., Autodesk Media and Entertainment, Softimage Co., BIONATICS, Caligari Corporation, Corel Corporation, MAXON Computer GmbH, NewTek, Inc., Smith Micro Software, Inc., Side Effects Software, Inc., STRATA, Toon Boom Animation, Inc., and Xara Group Limited. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 
Disclaimers I-2 
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3 
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 


1. Market Overview II-1 
Animation: A Tried and Tested Genre II-1 
Major Animation Markets II-2 
Worldwide Demand for Animation Software II-2 
Improvements in Technology & Infrastructure to Foster Growth II-2 
Expanding Applications for Animation Software II-2 
Advanced Off-The-Shelf Software Packages Boost Creativity II-3 
Current & Future Analysis II-3 

2. Issues & Trends in the Animation Industry II-4 
Animation - Unhindered Popularity Across All Ages II-4 
Outsourcing - A Strategy to Lower Production Costs II-4 
Table 1: Comparative Analysis of Capabilities of Select 
Outsourcing Countries in the Global Animation Market 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5 
Export Opportunities in Animation Sector II-6 
Outsourcing in Gaming Sector II-6 
Collaborations Across Geographical Boundaries II-6 
3D Technology - Transforming Movie-Making Business II-7 
CG Films Offer Fresh Appeal & Commercial Success II-7 
CG Animation & Television II-7 
Demand Rises for Superior 3D Character Animation II-7 
Digital 3D - The Next Generation of 3D? II-8 
Growing Demand for 3D Stereoscopic Films II-8 
Short Animated Films - A Medium for Creative Explorations II-8 
Animation for Next-Generation Games II-9 
Animation Ads - Spicing Up the Web World II-9 
Animation Art -Preserving Vintage Animations II-10 

3. An Introduction to Animation II-11 
Animation - A Conceptual Definition II-11 
The History of Animation II-11 
Production Stages in Animation II-12 
General Animation Production Process in Television & Feature 
Film Productions II-12 
Stage 1: Conceptualization II-12 
Stage 2: Pre-Production II-12 
Stage 3: Production II-12 
Stage 4: Post-Production II-12 
Governance of Production Process & Outsourcing II-12 
Applications of Animation II-13 
Animation for Films & TV Broadcast II-13 

4. Animation Techniques II-15 
Traditional Animation II-15 
Cel Animation II-15 
Key Frames II-15 
Rotoscoping II-16 
Full Animation & Limited Animation II-16 
Stop Motion II-16 
Types of Stop Motion Animation II-16 
Computer Animation II-17 
Steps in Computer Animation Process II-17 
Process for Generation of Computer Animation II-18 
Computer Animation Techniques II-19 
Keyframing II-19 
Motion Capture II-19 
Simulation II-19 
Hardware Equipment for Computer Animation II-19 
Common Hardware Systems II-20 
Types of Computer Animation II-21 
2D Animation II-21 
Evolution of 2D Animation Films Industry II-21 
Major Developments in the 2D Animation Film Market II-21 
Stages of Traditional 2D Animation Workflow II-22 
3D Animation II-22 
Background to 3D Animation II-23 
3D Animation Methods/Techniques II-23 
Cel-Shaded Animation or Toon Shading II-23 
Morph Target Animation II-23 
Skeletal Animation II-23 
Motion Capture II-24 
Crowd Simulation II-24 
Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) II-24 
Future Development Challenges for Computer Animation II-24 

5. Animation Software Market II-25 
Defining Animation Software II-25 
Technological Changes Pave Way for Novel Content & Delivery 
Methods II-25 
Major Animation Software II-25 
List of Software Used for Various Animation Processes II-26 
Select Software Packages Used in Creation of Animated Content II-27 
Flash & Director - Widely Used Animation Tools II-27 
Application Areas for Animation Software II-28 
Motion Picture/Broadcasting Market II-28 
Web Page Development II-28 
Corporate Communication & Training II-29 
Software for 2D Animation II-29 
Flash Animation II-29 
PowerPoint Animation II-29 
Cost of Animation Software II-30 
Competitive Landscape II-30 
Competitive Landscape in the Global Animation Software Market II-30 
Adobe - Leading the Global Animation Market II-31 
Autodesk & Softimage - Challenging Adobe's Dominance II-31 
Other Market Participants II-31 
Table 2: Leading Players in the Global Animation Software 
Market (2007): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Adobe, 
Autodesk, Softimage, NewTek and Others (includes 
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-31 

6. Animation & Entertainment Industry II-32 
Animation Films Industry - An Overview II-32 
Animation - A Crowded Marketplace II-32 
Hollywood Studios Rule the Roost in Animation Market II-33 
Table 3: Top Ten Animated Feature Films - Ranked by Worldwide 
Box Office Receipts (in US$ Million) (includes corresponding 
Graph/Chart) II-34 
Animation Films Released Worldwide (1995-2008) II-35 
Animation Feature Films in the Pipeline II-35 
Computer-Generated (CG) Animated Films II-36 
CG Films Outperform Traditional Animation Films II-36 
Table 4: Worldwide Box Office Receipts of Animated Films 
(2001-2006): Percentage Share Breakdown for CG Films and 
Non-CG Films (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-36 

Table 5: Global Box Office Receipts of Computer- Generated 
(CG) Animated Films II-37 
DreamWorks - Leader in CGI Animation II-37 
DreamWorks Adopts 3D Stereoscopic Technology II-38 
Disney - The Global Pioneer of Animation II-38 
Disney's Computer Animation Production System (CAPS) II-38 
Disney's Animation Films Planned for Release Through 2012 II-39 
Major Animation Production Studios - A Brief Overview II-39 
ADV Films (US) II-39 
Animation Collective (US) II-39 
Cyper Media, Inc. (Canada) II-40 
DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (US) II-40 
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc (Canada) II-40 
Sony Pictures Entertainment (US) II-41 
Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc. (US) II-41 
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (US) II-41 
Blue Sky Studios, Inc (US) II-41 
The Walt Disney Company (US) II-42 
Pixar Animation Studios (US) II-42 
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc (US) II-42 

7. Product Innovations/Introductions II-43 
Autodesk Introduces Two New Versions of 3ds Max Software II-43 
NewTek Introduces LightWave 3D v9.5 II-43 
Autodesk Introduces Toxik 2009 Visual Effects Software II-44 
Side Effects Software to Launch Houdini 9.5 II-44 
Autodesk Unveils Mudbox 2009 Software II-44 
Autodesk Introduces Animation Academy 2009 II-45 
Immersion Launches New Products for Animation Industry II-45 
Maxon Computer Introduces Cinema 4D Release 11 II-45 
Autodesk Introduces MotionBuilder 2009 Software II-45 
Softimage Introduces Softimage, XSI 7 II-46 
Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Maya 8.5 II-46 
Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Maya 2008 Software II-46 
Caligari Unveils trueSpace7.5 II-46 
Autodesk Introduces New Versions of Finishing and Visual 
Effects Systems II-47 
Side Effects Software Unveils Houdini 9 Public Beta II-47 
Pixar Introduces RenderMan for Maya 2.0 and RenderMan Studio 1.0 II-47 
Autodesk Introduces Autodesk Toxik 2008 Software II-48 
Frantic Films to Launch Software Product Range II-48 
Autodesk Introduces Maya 8 Software II-49 
Adobe Systems Launches Adobe After Effects 7.0 II-49 
Reallusion Launches iClone 3D Software II-49 
Bionatics Unveils natFX Software for Autodesk Maya 8 II-49 
Softimage Introduces Face Robot Software Application II-50 
Pixar Animation Unveils RenderMan For Maya 1.0 II-50 
Pixar Animation Introduces RenderMan Pro Server 13.0 II-50 
NewTek Launches 3D Arsenal II-50 
Softimage Introduces Updated Version of Face Robot II-51 
Caligari Launches trueSpace7 II-51 

8. Recent Industry Activity II-52 
Autodesk Acquires Softimage II-52 
Autodesk Acquires Realviz II-52 
Microsoft Acquires Caligari II-52 
Autodesk Acquires Assets of 3D Geo II-52 
Madhouse Enters into a Partnership with Media Corp II-53 
Lionsgate(R) and Crest Form Multi-Picture Partnership for 
Animation Films II-53 
Turner to Establish Animation Film Unit in India II-53 
Disney to Partner with Japanese Companies for TV Animation II-53 
DreamWorks to Set Up Animation Studio in India II-53 
Lucasfilm Animation and Lucasfilm Collaborate with Autodesk II-54 
Intel Forms an Alliance with DreamWorks Animation II-54 
Strata Forms Partnership with Away3D for Flash 3D II-54 
Jam Media Bags BBC Cartoon Contract II-54 
Plastic Wax to Expand Global Operations II-55 
Aspera Signs Technology Partnership with Rising Sun Research II-55 
DQ Entertainment Partners with French Companies to Re-Create 
Little Nick II-55 
Madhouse Inks Animation Contract with Marvel Entertainment II-55 
TV Asahi Acquires Majority Stake in Shin-ei Animation II-56 
Triple Play Acquires Stake in Anya Animation II-56 
DQ Entertainment Enters into a Co-production Agreement with 
Moonscoop II-56 
Yash Raj Films and Disney Ink Agreement to Create Animated Movies II-57 
Alliance Media Enters into an Agreement with Studio Ghibli II-57 
Rubicon MGM, and Turner Collaborate for Pink Panther Animation II-57 
BKN International and Huminah Huminah Enter into Co-Production 
Agreement II-57 
Percept Picture Company to Establish New Subsidiary II-58 
DQ Entertainment Signs MoU with Think Corp II-58 
Craft Animations Enters into Partnership with GameCaster II-58 
BET Networks Enters into Partnership with Marvel Animation II-58 
Walt Disney to Adapt 'Toy Story' Movies into 3D Format II-59 
ILM Enters Into Animation Feature Business II-59 
Med Watch Doc Ventures into 3D Animation & Character Development II-59 
Autodesk Acquires Skymatter II-59 
Smith Micro Acquires 3D Graphic and Animation Software 
Solutions from E Frontier II-59 
MAGIX Takes Over Xara Group II-60 
Reel FX Merges with Radium II-60 
Thomson and DreamWorks Animation Enter into a Strategic Alliance II-60 
Pixar Animation and Luxology Sign License Agreement II-61 
CDIL Signs Animation Contract with Motion Pixel II-61 
CDI Bags Animation Outsourcing Contract from iMedia II-61 
Rainmaker Income Fund to Divest Assets to Deluxe II-61 
Prime Focus Takes Over Frantic Films and Post Logic Studios II-61 
Azureus Enters into an Agreement with Geneon II-62 
Bandai Enters into a Distribution Agreement with Geneon II-62 
Sony to Sell Interest in Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation II-63 
Animal Logic Enters into Agreement with Warner Bros II-63 
Disney Acquires Pixar II-63 
Autodesk Takes Over Alias II-63 
Rainmaker Takes Over Mainframe Entertainment II-63 
Pharos Capital Invests in Reel FX II-64 
Warner Bros. Television Group to Establish Studio 2.0 II-64 
Nipuna Inks Deal with 4K Animation GmbH II-64 
DreamWorks Implements Distribution Agreement with Paramount II-64 
BlueArc Enters into Partnership with PipelineFX II-64 
Sequoia Acquires Hunan Greatdreams Cartoon Media II-65 
UTV Software Forays into Animated Movie Market II-65 
Global Vision Takes Over 4-Elements Studios II-65 
Jupiterimages Acquires Animation Factory II-65 
Sony Media Software Inks Co-Marketing Agreement with Bauhaus 
Software II-66 
Alias Takes Over Kaydara II-66 
Cyper Media Takes Over Joongang Movie Entertainment II-66 

9. Focus on Select Players II-67 
Adobe Systems Incorporated (US) II-67 
Autodesk, Inc. (US) II-67 
Autodesk Media and Entertainment (Canada) II-68 
Softimage Co. (Canada) II-68 
BIONATICS (France) II-68 
Caligari Corporation (USA) II-69 
Corel Corporation (Canada) II-69 
MAXON Computer GmbH (Germany) II-69 
NewTek, Inc (US) II-70 
Smith Micro Software, Inc. (US) II-70 
Side Effects Software, Inc. (Canada) II-70 
Toon Boom Animation, Inc (Canada) II-71 
Xara Group Limited (UK) II-71 

10. Global Market Perspective II-72 
Table 6: World Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis 
for Animation Software by Geographic Region - US, Japan, 
Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World Markets Independently 
Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 
through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-72 

Table 7: World 10-Year Perspective for Animation Software by 
Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, 
Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World Markets for 
Years 2006, 2009 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-73 


1. The United States III-1 
A.Market Analysis III-1 
Outlook III-1 
3D Animation Software Market - An Overview III-1 
Impact of Technological Advancements III-1 
Competitive Scenario III-1 
Applications of 3D Animation Software III-2 
Trends in the Animation Industry III-3 
Foreign Films Make An Impact on the US Animation Scene III-3 
American Distribution - A Key Challenge for Foreign Animators III-3 
Foreign Directors in US Productions - The New Success Mantra III-3 
Rise in the Number of 3D Animation Flicks to Hit US Screens III-3 
CGI Animation Films Market III-4 
Table 8: Box Office Receipts of CG Animated Films in the 
Competition Intensifies in CG Animation Films Market III-5 
Product Innovations/Introductions III-6 
Strategic Corporate Developments III-13 
Key Players III-23 
Adobe Systems Incorporated III-23 
Autodesk, Inc. III-24 
Caligari Corporation III-24 
DAZ 3D, Inc. III-24 
NewTek, Inc. III-25 
Smith Micro Software, Inc. III-25 
B.Market Analytics III-26 
Table 9: US Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis 
for Animation Software Independently Analyzed with Annual 
Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-26 

2. Japan III-27 
A.Market Analysis III-27 
Outlook III-27 
Japanese Anime - An Introduction III-27 
An Overview of the Japanese Anime Industry III-27 
Japanese Animation Makes Impact on Global Markets III-27 
General Structure of Japan's Anime Industry III-28 
Animation Market - Highly Dependent on TV Broadcasting Segment III-29 
Collaborations - A New Expansion Strategy III-29 
Flash - The Tool for Independent Anime Artists III-30 
Animation on the Internet Gains Popularity III-30 
Character Merchandising - A Major Secondary Business for Animes III-30 
Major Challenges Facing Japanese Anime Industry III-31 
Strategic Corporate Developments III-31 
B.Market Analytics III-34 
Table 10: Japanese Recent Past, Current & Future Market 
Analysis for Animation Software Independently Analyzed with 
Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-34 

3. Europe III-35 
A.Market Analysis III-35 
Outlook III-35 
Animation Feature Films in Europe III-35 
Limited International Success for European Films III-35 
Studios Seek Co-Production Alliances for TV Content III-36 
Animation Finds Favor Across All Ages III-36 
Table 11: European DVD Animation Market (2006): Percentage 
Share Breakdown by Country for France, Germany, Italy, 
Spain, UK and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-36 
Focus on Select Markets III-36 
Germany III-36 
Russia III-37 
Spain III-37 
United Kingdom III-37 
Product Innovations/Introductions III-38 
Strategic Corporate Developments III-38 
Key Players III-41 
BIONATICS (France) III-41 
MAXON Computer GmbH (Germany) III-41 
Xara Group Limited (UK) III-41 
B.Market Analytics III-42 
Table 12: European Recent Past, Current & Future Market 
Analysis for Animation Software Independently Analyzed with 
Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-42 

4. Asia-Pacific III-43 
A.Market Analysis III-43 
Outlook III-43 
Asia-Pacific Animation Market - An Overview III-43 
Asian Animation: A Trip Down Memory Lane III-43 
The Trend Towards Offshoring III-44 
Creativity Flourishes with Co-Productions III-44 
Growing Appeal of International Animations III-45 
Focus Shifts to Development of Original Content III-45 
Australia III-45 
Expertise in Production of Children's TV Program III-45 
Impediments to the Industry's Growth III-45 
China III-46 
China - A Major Subcontractor for Animation III-46 
Lack of Global Appeal for Chinese Animations III-47 
Government Passes Broadcasting Quotas III-47 
China Bans Live Human-Animation Content III-48 
India III-48 
Overview III-48 
Analyzing the Strengths & Weaknesses of Indian Animation 
Industry III-48 
Indian Companies Forge Global Alliances III-49 
A Favored Outsourcing Destination III-49 
Indian Firms Look to Climb Up the Value Chain III-50 
Rising Demand from Domestic Market III-50 
Government Initiatives Critical for Growth of Animation 
Industry III-51 
Animation Studios in India III-51 
Challenges Facing Indian Animation Industry's Growth III-51 
Shortage of Trained Personnel III-52 
Insufficient Funding III-52 
Piracy - A Major Threat III-52 
Strategies for Ensuring Future Growth III-52 
Need for High-Tech 3D Studios III-52 
Facilitating Technological Convergence III-53 
South Korea III-53 
Strengths of Korean Animation Industry III-53 
Co-Production Partnerships on the Rise III-53 
Expanding Expertise & Stronger Media Aids Growth III-54 
Korean Animation Films - An Overview III-54 
Key Challenges III-54 
Malaysia III-55 
Philippines III-55 
Developing Content for Global Majors III-56 
Government Proposes Legislation for Promoting Animation 
Industry III-56 
Thailand III-56 
Strategic Corporate Developments III-57 
B.Market Analytics III-64 
Table 13: Asia-Pacific Recent Past, Current & Future Market 
Analysis for Animation Software Independently Analyzed with 
Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-64 

5. Rest of World III-65 
A. Market Analytics III-65 
Outlook III-65 
Animation Industry in Africa III-65 
Egypt III-66 
South Africa III-66 
Product Innovations/Introductions III-67 
Strategic Corporate Developments III-67 
Key Players III-69 
Autodesk Media and Entertainment (Canada) III-69 
Corel Corporation (Canada) III-70 
Credo Interactive, Inc. (Canada) III-70 
Side Effects Software, Inc. (Canada) III-70 
Softimage Co. (Canada) III-70 
Toon Boom Animation, Inc (Canada) III-71 
B.Market Analytics III-71 
Table 14: Rest of World Recent Past, Current & Future Market 
Analysis for Animation Software Independently Analyzed with 
Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015 
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-71 


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