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Jersey City Unleashed Pet Resort and Spa

September 14, 2015 07:05 ET

New Research Discovers: Cats Are Better Than Dogs Confirmed

Study Finds Prehistoric Cats Had an Effect on Dog Population Decline

JERSEY CITY, NJ--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2015) - A recent University of Chicago study has provided evidence that many cat lovers have been preaching all along. That cats do in fact rule and dogs continue to drool.

Michael Stigliano of Jersey City Unleashed Pet Resort & Spa explains: "While we aren't ones to take side -- we love cats and dogs equally -- we enjoy educating our clients about their pets. We believe that when pet lovers know more about their animal's history, habits and of course treatment, they can ensure a happier pet and enjoy more together."

The new article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" found a negative correlation between the population decline of Canidae (dogs) and the introduction of the Felidae (cats) family to North America over 40 million years ago. This means that as cat population grew in North America, dog populations waned.

No, cats were not killing off dogs in droves, but the two families shared similar diets creating a competition for food -- a competition Felidae won. Canidae populations fell far enough that eventually two subfamilies (Hesperocyoninae and Borophaginae) went extinct, leaving only the subfamily, Caninae. The dogs we have today in your home are a part of the Caninae family.

However, the point needs to be made that cats were not the only reason for the decline of dogs in North America. The study measured a bunch of different factors including changes to body size, temperature, and competition amongst dogs and competition with similar animals such as the false saber-toothed cat, the bear dog. There was no strong evidence linking body size and temperature to the decline in the Canidae population, but the fight for food between the dog subfamilies and similar animals was a major factor. Cats just happen to have the strongest evidence of having an effect on the dog population.

So in all, while the jury is not out with the final decision, history seems to favor cats in the ongoing "cats vs dogs" debate.

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