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October 22, 2013 08:00 ET

New Research From Responsys and Leading Analyst Firm Urges Marketers to Get Orchestrated

Data Collected From Hundreds of Marketers Demonstrates a Need to Flip Traditional Campaign Marketing on Its Head and Embrace Marketing Orchestration

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2013) - Responsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTG), a marketing cloud software and services leader today announced new research that highlights a critical flaw in the way marketers organize and execute marketing communications. Through surveys with hundreds of marketers, the research shows that companies who still engage with customers using an old, campaign-centric methodology will be at a disadvantage to those embracing a new, customer-centric approach called marketing orchestration.

As defined in The Rise of Marketing Orchestration, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Responsys and released today, marketing orchestration focuses not on delivering standalone marketing campaigns, but instead on optimizing a set of related, cross-channel interactions that, when added together, make up an individualized customer experience.

The research shows that while the number one priority for marketers is to improve customer experiences and long term relationships, most marketers are continuing to invest in mass marketing techniques. The rapid growth of ultra-connected consumers combined with corporate reality, where each of their touch points is typically the domain of separate channel siloes, only serves to widen this divide.

"One of the biggest challenges cited by today's marketer is how to coordinate and integrate their marketing across touch points and time," said Scott Olrich, President, Marketing and Platform at Responsys. "Marketing Orchestration is a strategy that we've seen deliver tremendous results for some of the most successful brands out there. Our customers are creating and delivering millions of unique marketing experiences that each dynamically unfold throughout the customer journey, across digital and offline channels and according to an individual's preferences and behaviors. Our technology is part of the equation, but marketing orchestration is also a practice that extends to a brand's overall marketing strategies and organizational structures. As marketers champion these post-campaign era transformations in their own departments, they'll have the chance to not only break down siloes within their marketing organizations but also their companies at large."

According to Forrester's study, "Marketing orchestration is marketing transformation. It flips the traditional marketing model on its head by first starting with what is the right journey for each customer versus what is the product I want to sell to people through a discrete campaign. Marketers who implement this strategy not only gain the benefits of greater profitability, marketing efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction, they also deliver sustainable competitive advantages to product development, merchandising, sales, and even customer support through insights derived from orchestration."

Forrester's study yielded the following key findings:

  • Engaging customers through campaigns no longer passes the sniff test. Marketers who engage with customers using a campaign-centric (instead of a customer-centric) methodology need an orchestrated approach to deliver consistent customer experiences.
  • Ultra-connected customers demand superior and orchestrated customer experiences. Marketers are keen to improve customer experience and respond to customer needs in a more consistent manner. This requires consistent, coordinated and orchestrated marketing across all touch points, not batch-based and calendar-based marketing campaigns.
  • Delivering consistent customer experiences and building long-term relationships requires marketing orchestration. Customers do not interact with brands and marketers in a sequential and linear way, especially the ultra-connected customers. The ability of the marketer to understand discrete interactions in the customer's entire journey is at the crux of succeeding in the customer experience game. This requires a concerted effort of the right organizational structures and orchestration-enabling technologies to make marketing orchestration a reality.

The Responsys Interact Marketing Cloud enables marketers to interact with millions of individual consumers in an intelligent, consistent way over time and across channels. For the consumer, this creates a highly personalized experience that maps to each individual's unique journey. For the marketer, marketing orchestration such as this can deliver higher revenue, increased loyalty, and greater internal efficiency.

"As JetBlue looks to deepen our relationships with our customers, it is critically important that we continuously evolve our marketing strategies to meet ever higher expectations," said Maryssa Miller, Head of Digital Commerce at JetBlue Airways. "Our partnership with Responsys allows us to address the significant problem of coordinating and integrating our digital marketing efforts. By breaking down campaign siloes and seeing marketing as a set of related interactions, we can leverage this integration to become a truly orchestrated marketing organization."

To learn more about the rise of marketing orchestration, download the Forrester study at

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