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ActivMotion Bar

February 24, 2015 13:17 ET

New Research Proves ActivMotion Bars® Build Muscles Stronger, Faster

ROMULUS, MI--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) - When sports and fitness experts and physical therapists work to get their clients stronger, faster they have a wide array of tools from which to choose. New research from the University of Michigan's Human Performance Innovation Lab shows ActivMotion Bars® come out on top. During certain exercises, subjects experienced as much as 172% more muscle activation than they did with the other fitness tools being tested. Overall, ActivMotion Bars activated muscles of the core and extremities 20% more than standard weighted fitness bars and 36% more than medicine balls. According to ActivMotion Bar founder Derek Mikulski, "These results are exceptional, seeing that researchers consider even five percent more muscle activation significant. In addition to the added strength-gaining benefits of our ActivMotion Bars, the increased muscle activation from our workouts directly correlates to increased and faster caloric burn and weight loss." The study's authors state, "Ostensibly, the increase in muscle activation was the result of the internal passive weights, which generated a dynamic moment of inertia, thereby enhancing the stabilizing demands on the muscles." Because the rolling weights inside the ActivMotion Bars MOVE, the muscles, especially those of the core, have to work harder to stabilize the entire body. The completed study may be viewed at

Unlike the typical fitness bars, ActivMotion Bars are hollow. They are filled with round steel weights that glide within. This Disruptive Training™ that is unique to ActivMotion Bars delivers improved core strength, range of motion, balance and mind-muscle activation. ActivMotion Bars and DVDs are available at The bars begin at $119.99 each and come with two instructional DVDs.

ActivMotion Bars are used by professional athletes on the PGA Tour, in the NFL, MLB and NHL. They are used by physical therapists at the Mayo Clinic and golf experts at the Titleist Performance Institute. Classes are offered at top gyms including Anytime Fitness, Club Pilates, Life Time Fitness, Powerhouse Gyms, Sport & Health Club and others. Even P90X creator Tony Horton uses them to reach his own fitness goals.

ActivMotion Bars come in six, eight, 10, 15, and 18-pound bars. Each is five feet long.