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August 09, 2011 08:03 ET

New Research Proves English Competency Critical to Improved Global Business Performance

A New Bersin & Associates Research Bulletin Cites GlobalEnglish as an Innovative Provider of Business Communication Performance Support

BRISBANE, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - GlobalEnglish Corporation (, the leading provider of on-demand support for Business English communication, announced today the release of a new Research Bulletin from Bersin & Associates titled, "Borderless Business Communication: GlobalEnglish Supports Effective Global Communication" by David Mallon, Principal Analyst.

Mallon cites the GlobalEnglish concept of Enterprise Fluency™ as a useful means of differentiating between organizations that are successful at strategically enabling global operations through effective "cross-border" business communications from those that are not.

Enterprise Fluency™ is the communication, collaboration and operational proficiency global companies require to successfully compete in today's economy.

"Globalization created borderless workplaces that blend countries and cultures together and connect everyone through technology. This also created a new crisis for maintaining effective global business operations that few companies have fully addressed at a fundamental level," said Heidi Lorenzen, Vice President of Marketing. "The only logical way to address an enterprise-wide problem is by first taking an enterprise approach and solution to improving the business communication of the workforce -- our 2010 research study with 26,000 global employees at 3,500 companies shows that only 7% of global workers feel their English skills are good enough to do their jobs, and 84% said they need English every week, while 55% need to use it every day. Just three years ago in 2007 only 77% reported weekly use, and 49% said they use it daily."

The 2011 Bersin & Associates research highlights how global companies including Capgemini and Emerson increased Enterprise Fluency™ by leveraging the use of a common company language -- English. Since English has become the de facto language of globalized business, business English skills are the de facto requirement for achieving high performance global workforces.

Mallon also states that language is the cornerstone of communication but basic skills are not sufficient for effectiveness in business communication. On-demand tools and services that help employees apply English to common business tasks, such as writing emails, producing documents and participating in meetings, promote speed to proficiency and gains in organizational capability.

"As this paper confirms, communication is most efficient when the maximum amount of a message is delivered and understood with minimal costs," said Lorenzen. "It is a very simple and straightforward strategy to use the globally-accepted language of business to increase the productivity of cross-border business communication and operational results."

Among the differentiators for companies that successfully transcend geographical and organizational boundaries include:

  • Taking full ownership and responsibility for encouraging effective communication and collaboration as both corporate values and as continuous enterprise-wide processes
  • Executive leaders seeking out ways to drive the greatest returns from every interaction among employees, teams, partners and customers
  • Assuring HR and L&D efforts support empowerment and knowledge-sharing, and developing collaborative leaders
  • Putting on-demand tools in the hands of the far-flung workforce, providing instant access to knowledge that is essential to completing projects, closing sales and resolving customer needs

"Performance solutions that both train and support the ongoing mastery of a common language" is one of three components to the holistic strategy Mallon encourages companies to incorporate in order to increase effective business communication.

A free copy of the research bulletin, "Borderless Business Communication: GlobalEnglish Supports Effective Global Communication," by David Mallon, can be obtained at this link:

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GlobalEnglish offers solutions for Enterprise Fluency™: the communication, collaboration, and operational proficiency companies must have to compete in today's global economy. EnterpriseFluency is the measure of a company's ability to apply their company-wide gains in Business English skills to improve the ease with which their global teams can communicate and collaborate with each other and the effectiveness with which the company can operate across country borders.

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