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November 07, 2005 20:30 ET

New Research Shows Ohio Ahead of the Nation in Health-Focused Consumers

COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- A relatively new consumer is poised to transform the way we do business. Armed with money and a conscience, this new consumer makes up approximately one-third of all Ohio consumers and will continue to grow. According to the Ohio Health and Wellness Research Report© published by The Marketing Insider, a marketing and PR consulting firm specializing in health and wellness marketing, Ohio is ahead of the nation in health-focused consumers.

These new consumers, referred to as LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) consumers, make up approximately 30 percent of the U.S. population -- 63 million adults -- and account for over $230 billion in nationwide sales annually. The products these consumers buy are based on their personal, social, or environmental values.

"The Ohio health-conscious consumer is ready to spend their dollars on products and services that support their values," says Colette Chandler, principal with The Marketing Insider. "Yet, our research indicates that less than one-third have purchased foods or beverages with a specific health claim within the last six months and even less have purchased other products such as energy-efficient light bulbs, water purifiers, air purifiers, and environmentally friendly lawn and garden products. It's apparent to us that Ohio is an underdeveloped marketplace ready to be tapped."

"LOHAS-oriented companies, such as Whole Foods and Aveda, are already tapping into this market by providing holistic lifestyle products, communicating with their consumers in a much more meaningful manner and developing long-term relationships. The Research Report shows that 73% of LOHAS consumers in Ohio strongly agree that providing healthy foods to their family is a top priority; however, 90% find that "it can be a challenge to eat right." LOHAS consumers have a higher standard for their diet and understand the correlation between eating right and overall wellness or feeling good.

National research indicates this marketplace is predicted to grow another 38 percent in the next 3-5 years. That means the majority of consumers could be making purchasing decisions on a fundamentally different set of criteria -- not just product or service features and benefits alone, but also their impact on personal and planetary well-being. And they are willing to pay up to 20 percent more to buy those products and services.

In Ohio alone, according to The Marketing Insider's Health and Wellness Report, based on 11,353,140 consumers (from the 2000 U.S. Census), 3.2 million consumers are LOHAS consumers and another 4.2 million are poised to become LOHAS consumers, often referred to NOMADICS™, as they tend to move from place to place with regard to personal ideals and environmental values. These two groups combined, today, comprise 65% of the market. A portion of all NOMADICS are LOHAS-leaning and NOMADICS are predicted to shift to the core LOHAS values and purchasing habits, according to a national research report conducted by Natural Business Communications.

"Based on our experience in helping companies target this audience, we found that more and more companies were starting to tap into this marketplace, yet they were losing market share because they did not even realize it; therefore, were making mistakes on how they were communicating to these consumers," says Chandler. "They marketed the same as their other female counterparts; yet, we knew these consumers were wired differently and you couldn't target them using demographics (i.e., income, age, etc.), and you couldn't speak to them without communicating your ideals." She went on to say, "Although we initially developed the report as a way to help ourselves and our clients better understand the marketplace and the best way to influence these consumers' purchasing habits, we quickly determined that we needed to sell this report to other companies and consult them so that they can better understand the marketplace."

The Marketing Insider is a virtual marketing and communications consulting firm with offices in Columbus and Cleveland that provides non-traditional ideas and creative solutions to make businesses thrive from the inside out. The Marketing Insider specializes in assisting companies of all sizes attract and retain the brand-loyal, health-focused consumer©. The firm recently commissioned the first research report that provides an in-depth analysis of Ohio consumer marketplace on this relatively new, health-focused, valued-based consumer. More information about The Marketing Insider is available at

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