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February 08, 2011 12:05 ET

The New Retirement Reality: San Diego Wealth Management Firm Introduces Local Boomers to a New Perspective on Retirement

"Retirement Is a Journey, Not a Single Milestone"

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Long thought of as a single event that takes place when an individual reaches a certain age or a certain amount of savings, the principals at Wealth Analytics, LLC are helping local professionals, business owners and their families gain a new perspective on the concept of retirement. Gordon Tudor, CFP® and Troy Daum, CFP® have served San Diego residents for more than 25 years each, specializing in wealth management, retirement and succession planning.

Webster defines retirement as withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from active working life, or the age at which one normally retires. "We've seen a shift in the way that today's professionals view and approach retirement, especially with the Baby Boomer generation," states Gordon Tudor, Principal at Wealth Analytics. "What was once thought of as a single date in a person's life, after which they leave the workforce, has now become a series of career, lifestyle and family transitions."

Tudor and Daum have helped numerous individuals to think about what it is that they really want their pre- and post-career lives to look like -- and what they will need to do, realistically, to achieve those dreams.

"What we are finding with many clients is that they will need, or currently have, post-career plans," says Troy Daum, Principal at Wealth Analytics. "Many individuals may retire from one career only to find themselves embarking on another vocational journey. Some may do it out of financial necessity while others enjoy the freedom to pursue a lifelong passion or to find meaningful work to occupy their time, or often all three."

This notion of a different way of viewing retirement is expanding. Mitch Anthony, a nationally recognized speaker, author and Founder of Advisor Insights Inc. coined the phrase "The New Retirementality," which is also the title of his book. According to Anthony, "Over 80 percent of the baby boom generation want to continue work for different reasons at varying paces throughout their lives. They've already witnessed what happens after working 40 years: a golf membership, a motor home, and a retirement community -- a virtual transplant to the fringes of society."

The retirement transition was once viewed as 40 years of hard, often unpleasant, work that then allowed one to accumulate enough savings to carry out the rest of their lives with lazy afternoons and bridge clubs. Yet many Americans today find a better quality of life by embarking on a career that they find personally and professionally rewarding -- one that they can mold to fit their desired needs and desires at any life stage rather than exiting the work force completely.

"We work with our clients to get to the heart of their life goals, dreams and ambitions," explained Tudor. "Take the 50 year old executive, working 60 hours per week, who has always had a love for riding and working on Harleys. We work on a very personal level with each client to help them come up with a plan to realize their lifelong dreams and passions while, often times, creating a steady income flow. Yes, some lifestyle changes may need to occur and some 'stuff' may not be acquired as planned, but these changes are hardly noticeable to an individual who can enjoy a gratifying and meaningful career."

Tudor and Daum stress that retirement planning should begin long before an individual reaches their "retirement age." Building a retirement Nest Egg is a process that should begin very early on in any person's career, becoming more focused and goal-driven as the years go on. But with more than 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day for the next 19 years, the time to start creating a transitional plan is now.

"Financial planning, retirement planning and life planning are not three separate processes," says Daum. "We treat them as a single course to a wonderful and purposeful existence. A roadmap to the best years of your life."

Founded in 1999 in San Diego, Wealth Analytics focuses on working with individuals, professionals and business owners approaching retirement. Wealth Analytics provides a full array of financial planning and investment management services. The firm works primarily with clients who want to refine their retirement journey. (

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