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Method123 Ltd

October 19, 2010 12:50 ET

New Risk Form Template Offering Announced by Project Management Software Provider Method123

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 19, 2010) - Method123 has just announced the release of their newest project management template – the Risk Form.

The purpose of the Risk Form – also often referred to as a Risk Assessment Form – is to document everything possible about a specific, identified risk. It is one piece of your Project Management Methodologies overall Risk Management Process puzzle.

With the Risk Form, anyone on the project can identify a risk, document all possible characteristics of that potential risk event, categorize the risk, and suggest ways the risk can be dealt with – either through mitigation or avoidance. Each individual Risk Form then becomes part of your overall risk register and something that you review on a weekly basis with your team and your customer. This process will greatly help to ensure that you're always in control of the risk monitoring process.

"It's not enough to identify a risk," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Method123 Ltd. "We must always stay in front of risks on our projects. By using our Risk Form to fully document all known aspects of a risk the Project Manager can monitor all potential risk events thoroughly and be ready to take action to avoid or mitigate the event should it actually occur. Minimizing the overall impact to the organization and your project is the #1 goal and the information our Project Management Template guides you through documenting will get the job done."

The Risk Form is just one of over fifty full featured templates in Method123's cornerstone product – the Project Management Kit. Each template comes complete with detailed instructions on completing all the necessary forms, plans, and documents. Each template also contains helpful hints and tips to make sure the right information is captured and included. If that's not enough, every template comes with pre-completed sections containing real life data to ensure that your Project Planning documents are as complete and accurate as possible.

"Risk avoidance is good. Avoiding managing risk is bad. By using the Risk Form to document each potential risk to your project, the act of reviewing and managing risk on an ongoing basis with your team and your customer will be much easier," says Westland. "Your customer's confidence in your management skills will soar as well, because they'll see and know that you're on top of the entire risk monitoring process."

Indeed, sometimes the key to project success is allowing your project to progress while keeping risks at bay. Avoiding risks is often the optimal approach, but when that can't happen then risk mitigation is the next best thing. With the Risk Form you'll be able to fully document the risk, it's likelihood to happen, steps for avoiding it, and actions to take should the risk actually occur. With a solid plan in place, avoiding and mitigating these risks is possible – thus saving your project impacts in both cost and timeframe.

Method123's Risk Form can be downloaded and purchased separately or as part of the Project Management Kit. For more information on these products, please visit their website at

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