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UV Flu Technologies, Inc.

UV Flu Technologies, Inc.

November 03, 2014 07:58 ET

New RxAir® Website Details Virus-, Bacteria-Destroying Air Purification Technology

RxAir Destroys Viruses Spread Via Sneezes, Coughs, Talking

BOSTON, MA and CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2014) -  UV Flu Technologies, Inc.'s (OTCBB: UVFT) RxAir® division has launched the new website featuring RxAir's flagship product, the RxAir Air Purification System. The RxAir website details how RxAir Purification Systems employ industrial-strength high-intensity ultraviolet (UV-C) light and kill chamber technology that goes beyond filtering to destroy more 99% of harmful airborne viruses, bacteria and contaminants and reduce concentrations of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as proven via independent FDA- and EPA-certified laboratory testing. RxAir employs technology originally designed for hospital use that is now available to consumers in an attractive, affordable unit ideal for homes, schools, offices and businesses, restaurants, salons, etc.

The RxAir filter-less technology uses high-intensity germicidal UV-C lamps to purify air and destroy airborne viruses and bacteria that cause flu (including H1N1), staph (MRSA), TB, measles, cold viruses, pneumonia, strep (whooping cough, pertussis), and a myriad of other antibiotic-resistant and viral infections.

The website contrasts the benefits of RxAir's ViraTech technology to HEPA® filter products that recirculate air over trapped pathogens and other UV air purification products that contain low-cost, lower-intensity UV lamps that fail to inactivate pathogens or reduce VOCs.

"Our new website provides a great resource to educate consumers how to evaluate the different types of air purifiers. It details how the ViraTech technology truly sets RxAir apart from other air purifiers and is the best way to continuously protect your family from airborne flu and cold viruses and sickness-causing pathogens," said Michael Ross, CEO of UV Flu Technologies. "Many customers have told us what a big difference the RxAir makes in their health and the air quality in their homes and workplaces."

The website was developed by myVBO®, LLC, a full service design, marketing and development company, that is steering RxAir's sales and marketing efforts. myVBO was responsible for a 16-fold increase in sales over six months by RxAir partner Better Rest Solutions, a Massachusetts-based firm that manufactures the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

"The new website is one of the first steps in leveraging our brand and sales channel expertise to help make RxAir the #1 air purification system of choice for people who want the most effective air purification and pathogen-control solutions in their homes and businesses," said Bob Wilkins, CEO, my VBO. "We're taking the high quality, competitively priced ViruTech air purification technology that was formerly marketed under the brand UV Flu Technologies and strategically positioning it in a much broader market that values health, wellness and fresh, clean air."

About RxAir

RxAir promotes a healthy lifestyle through the use of its innovative patented, ViraTech air purification technology, thereby improving the quality of life of each and every customer.

Independently tested by EPA- and FDA-certified laboratories, the RxAir has been proven to destroy greater than 99% of bacteria and viruses and reduce concentrations of odors and VOCs. The RxAir uses high-intensity germicidal UV lamps that destroy bacteria and viruses instead of just trapping them, setting it apart from ordinary air filtration units.

RxAir® and ViraTech ® are registered trademarks of UV Flu Technologies, Inc.

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About myVBO, LLC

MyVBO, LLC is a full service design, marketing and development company that helps business turn their ambitions into realities. Inspired by our own success in creating and effectively marketing a popular browser add-on and mobile app, we realized that we possessed a valuable set of skills and resources. From initial product to conception to full-stack development to ongoing marketing and sales strategies, we truly do it all. No matter how far into a project (or deep into a budget) a company is, we have what it takes to help them find success.

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