February 10, 2007 19:58 ET

New Safer Online Dating Site Exclusive to People Married Before:

FORT WAYNE, IN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 10, 2007, a sophisticated online dating and social network, today launched a new site to make it easier for people who were previously married to find exciting partners, date safer and join the millions of Americans who have found love online.

People who were married before don't have to look any further than to find a safer, friendly place online to meet others. Divorce no longer carries a social stigma. As stars like Nicole Kidman, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Kevin Federline, Brooke Burke and Jennifer Garner have proven, becoming single again was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Married Before Superstars

What do Oscar-nominated film stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have in common? Besides being the most eligible singles in Hollywood, they were both married before. "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria was married before -- and will be again when she ties the knot with NBA superstar Tony Parker in a castle outside Paris later this year. Movie stars Jim Carrey and Jennifer McCarthy? Dating, in love, and married before.

The new site doesn't promise a Cinderella fairy tale ending. It's about real people -- previously married, divorced, widowed -- meeting new friends and potential partners who've shared the ups and downs of romance and relationships. Members are often trying to solve familiar dilemmas, like achieving the balance between family, career and self.

When defining their futures, MarriedBefore members have an unprecedented amount of choice. From love and sex to "having it all," previously married people no longer face a stigma about divorce, being a single parent or having been widowed. They're not likely to be blindly searching cyberspace and mega-dating sites for Mr. Right while stumbling through the pitfalls of dating.

Some might be unmarried working mothers dedicated to the hands-on raising of their young children, while ambitiously climbing the corporate ladder. Others may deal with grueling schedules that highlight the emotional juggling act every man or woman who wants a family must face.

Safer dating

MarriedBefore is committed to making their members' online dating experience safer. Each of their monthly subscribers is subject to background checks. These checks are automatic and comprehensive. MarriedBefore aggressively screens for fraudulent behavior. If state records do not match a potential members' reported marital status then that member and profile will be removed from the site.

"Bottom line: does not allow members who are not currently single," said co-founder Julie Boyce. "What does this mean to our community? It means they are protected from those who categorize themselves as 'married but looking.'"

MarriedBefore also screens for criminal histories and cross-references profiles with the sex offender registry. If a potential member has been convicted of a serious felony they will be removed from the site and if warranted reported to the proper authorities.

"If a potential member gets a red flag, he or she will be removed from the site and, if warranted, reported to the proper authorities," said co-founder Lori Erlandson. "We believe this is particularly important for our members. Many of our members are concerned not only for their own safety but also the safety of their children."

The Cyber Majority

More than three million people have paid memberships to online dating sites at any given time. On average, they're spending more than $200 a year, each.

According to a new survey from global market research firm Synovate, about 45% of Americans say going online is a great way to meet people. More than two out of five Americans who've tried online dating say they met their spouse or current significant other that way.

Surprisingly, online daters appear to be looking past photographs when determining whether they will communicate with someone through an online dating website. In fact, 40 percent say they mainly rely on the personality in the written descriptions, while 33 percent just want someone that meets basic criteria such as shared hobbies and interests.

Of the single people who haven't tried online dating, 33% say they avoid it because it could be dangerous. Public safety advocates and state lawmakers are promoting legislation to create greater safety protections in 2007 for online daters nationally and in Michigan, Florida, Illinois and Texas to address cyber crime and improve online dating safety.

To start a free trial and start dating in a safer place, visit and enter Promotional Code: "SaferDating."

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