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June 13, 2007 14:36 ET

New Search Engine Filters Internet for Multi-Tasking, Info-Seeking Moms Responds to Cry From Internet-Using Moms That Regular Search Engines Are "Wasting Their Time"

ALLENTOWN, NJ--(Marketwire - June 13, 2007) - (, a new Web resource for new moms, launched the world's first search engine designed specifically for busy moms. It produces highly relevant search results specifically relating to parenting when others like Google and Yahoo deliver results aimed at the masses.

"There are 32 million Internet-savvy moms in the U.S. with kids under age 18," says Kevin Burke, founder of "More than half of those who turn to search engines for fast answers simply aren't finding them. If you're a new mom looking for answers on the Internet in the middle of the night, nothing can feel more aggravating than being faced with pages of irrelevant search results."

So Burke took his expertise in helping brands better communicate with moms and developed the Light Iris search engine, designed on the Google backbone, but optimized for this audience. It is one of the first of many tools featured on the new Web site,, designed to give new and expectant moms quicker access to reliable, useful information about the topics they care about most: those related to mothering.

"Being a mom is a full-time job. Most moms spend more than half their days multi-tasking, yet find that there still isn't enough time in the day to get everything done," explains Burke. "We developed this engine so that when they turn to the Internet for answers, they get them in record time." Response from the online mom community is overwhelmingly positive.

"Light Iris is exactly the search engine for parents like me," writes blogger mom, Gingajoy (, who recently used Google to search for Rotavirus symptom help for her six-month-old and got a "dizzying array of results."

"What I was looking for was help, reassurance, and information specific to my personal situation as a parent of an ailing child," recounted the mom. What returned was "interesting, but not what I was looking for."

However, she reported that a similar search through Light Iris immediately took her to a first tier of reliable sources for parents in her predicament -- results she would have spent considerably more time digging for on Google.

Says another blogger mom, screen-named Fidget (, "You take Google, remove all the crap you don't want, and deliver search hits pertaining to parenting that are ACTUALLY about, of all crazy things, parenting! It's like getting the meaty part of the crab without having to crack the shell and all that other nasty messiness."

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Light Iris is a Web site that provides information and tools specifically for expectant and new moms. It includes a search engine built on the Google backbone, yet optimized to deliver the most relevant and credible information available online for moms. Created by Kevin Burke with the help and input of more than 400 U.S. moms, Light Iris comes nine years after founding Lucid Marketing (, a marketing and media service company that connects brands with mothers.

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