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September 07, 2005 10:22 ET

New Site & Podcasts Focus on "Good Character"

Dr. Mike Thomson and It's All About Character, Inc. Brings the Issue of People and Good Character to the Forefront at Home, in Schools, Business, and Athletics

COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 7, 2005 -- Check any news source online, on TV, on the radio or in your favorite newspaper and bad character choices seem to dominate and pollute nearly every story you encounter. Athletes, students, parents, CEO's, politicians -- cheating, stealing, lying, complaining -- there seems to be no end to the pattern. Enter It's All About Character, Inc. (IAAC) "Believe it or not Good Character still exists and is in very high demand! Parents want it from their kids, employers want it from their employees, coaches want it from their athletes... But good character is not easy! In fact, the true test of good character is making good choices EVEN when no one is watching. It's a self-discipline that needs to be reinforced, encouraged and rewarded," said IAAC Chairman Dr. Mike Thomson.

It's All About Character, Inc. has just launched a new web site ( to provide the very tools needed to help businesses, organizations, teachers, parents, and individuals build stronger character traits in any environment. Through a mix of books, videos, podcasts and blogs -- It's All About Character is spreading the word that Good Character Choices equates to good people, and great lives.

"It seems a shame to say that making the choice not to cheat; steal or lie is almost considered counter-culture these days from what you hear on the news," commented IAAC President and CEO, Ken Mangold. "However, the response to our programs in homes, schools and businesses has been so positive and measurable -- we decided to share our strategies online to hopefully impact as many people as possible."

With both free and fee materials, visitors can find quick and easy techniques to establish and maintain strong character in individuals of any age, and in any occupation. "I've talked to more than 1.5 million people over the years as a professional speaker," said Dr. Mike. "There are a lot of people out there making good choices! Sadly, you just don't hear their stories. When an individual is struggling between good and poor choices -- and they're surrounded by examples of poor choices -- what do you think they're going to do? Follow the leader, right? BUT, when we work with people and provide the tools they need to do a 'gut check' -- it's amazing to see the light come on... it's the validation they've been looking for to challenge themselves to constantly take the high road. That's the rewarding part for IAAC -- seeing people make good choices and feel good about themselves and the choices they've made."


It's All About Character, Inc. was formed to help teach individuals and organizations how to build and promote good character. Their program is a proven, systematic method for equipping people of all ages, and in all types of relationships, with new problem solving and productivity skills. These simple steps, once learned and utilized, become tools that allow a person to make better choices based on good character traits. The end result is reduced conflict, enhanced communication, and new levels of understanding and respect to help promote a general sense of cooperation and social progress. For more information, contact It's All About Character, Inc at 610-429-3638, or online at

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